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Links (web sites etc) and addresses you might find useful:
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The Manufacturer of Dragonfly Trimarans:
Quorning Boats Aps
Skaerbaek, DK 7000 Fredericia, Denmark
Tel: + 45 75 56 26 26, Fax: + 45 75 51 31 31
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Boating Magazines:
Multihulls World / Multicoques Mag
This magazin is available in French and in English.

Palstek - Technisches Wassersport-Journal
In German - It's precisely what the title promises
www.palstek.de   e-mail:palstek@t-online.de

Practical Boat Owner (PBO)
In English - Very good practical tips and hints about boats and boating
www.pbo.co.uk   e-mail:pbo@ipcmedia.com
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www.volvopenta.com   Find a Dealer: dealerlocator.penta.volvo.se/zone.asp

For world wide addresses & phone/fax numbers and www addresses:

for YAMAHA Motor Germany:   http://de.yme.com
Yamaha Dealers in Germany:   http://de.yme.com/daler_native.cfm?spec=ger
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Nordic Mast A/S
Vestvejen 172, 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark
Tel: + 45 74 62 00 60 Fax: + 45 74 63 05 43
www.nordicmast.com   e-mail:info@nordicmast.com
The supplier of masts for the Dragonfly (supplies Quorning Boats)
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Multihull Web Sites:
Useful information in General and on Dragonflys can be found on the following sites:
www.multihull.de (in German with lots of useful information)

www.multihull-verein.de (Germany, 1. Vorsitzender Wolfgang Koch, Parkstraße 3, 79232 March b. Freiburg Tel: 07665 95842, Fax: 07665 40211, e-mail: koch@cat-sail.de)
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Jotun A/S
P.O.Box 2021, N-3248 Sandefjord, Norway
Tel: + 47 33 45 70 00, Fax: + 47 33 45 72 42
www.jotun.com   e-mail:info@jotun.com
Makes the two component varnish which is used on the interior of the Dragonflys
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Uglekaer 1, DK 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark
Tel: + 45 7362 4800, Fax: + 45 7362 4819
www.elvstromsails.com   e-mail:elvstrom@elvstromsails.com
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Special Dragonfly Transports (Europe-wide):
Arne Reher Yacht & Transport Service
Schlossbergstr.9, D-72108 Rottenburg, Germany
Tel: + 49 74 72 44 10 44, Fax: + 49 74 72 44 10 40
Mobile: + 49 171 85 49 888, Contact: Arne Reher Yacht- & Transportservice
- A real expert on transporting and rigging Dragonflys!
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Weather Information and Forecasts (world-wide):
gives world-wide forecasts in English, German, Dutch, French and Chinese(!);
(incl. radar, satellite, maps, water, wind etc.)
in English:  www.weatheronline.co.uk
in German: www.wetteronline.de
in Dutch:     www.weeronline.nl
in French:   www.weatheronline.fr

5 day shipping forecast for different sea areas: (wind waves etc.)
in English:  www.weatheronline.co.uk/sail_euro.htm
in German: www.wetteronline.de/segeln.htm
in Dutch:     www.weeronline.nl/zeil.htm
in French:   www.weatheronline.fr

France Meteo - Around the coast of France (incl. Corsica)
(in French but they promise an english version soon?!)
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