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DRAGONFLY  800 – DF 800

The Dragonfly folding trimarans are built in Denmark by Quorning Boats: Dragonfly.dk

The Dragonfly 800 started off as a “fixed wing”. Later came the first “swing wing” version of the Dragonfly 800 trimaran.
The unique Dragonfly Swing Wing system has been standard on all Dragonfly Trimarans since the introduction of the system in 1989.
A very important feature by the Dragonfly Swing Wing system is the fact that the boats can stay folded in a marina berth. This special design, where the floats move down deeper into the water when folded and actually lifts the centre hull by 7 to 10 cm, gives this extra stabile comfort.
All successive models of Dragonfly trimarans used the same type of folding mechanism.

There where two versions of the DF800 a standard and a racing version. Details for the racing version are in brackets.
The DF800 has been replaced by the DF25.

Dragonfly 800 FOR SALE

Beam (unfolded):
Beam (folded):
Length (folded):
Draft (min):
Draft (max):
Mast Height:
Height over water:
Main Sail:
Genoa (Code 0):
Spinnaker (sym):
Spinnaker (asym):
Max. Motor:
Weight (empty):
Payload (incl. crew):
CE Certification:

8 m
7.6 m
6.05 m
2.9 m
9 m
0.35 m
1.2 5m
11 m (12.1)
12.3 5m (13.35)
24 m² (27)
13.5 m² (15)
50 m² (60)
50m² (60)

8 hp
1100 kg
600 kg
15 Litre
35 Litre
40 Litre

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