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by segeltraum
Tue 26 Jul 16, 10:17
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Topic: Pressure on helm/rudder
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Hallo Jakob

How old is your Dragonfly?
Do you have the new performance floats?
Did you get an new Rudder?

The Quorning Warft had some problems with the new rudder fore the
Performance serie. They are not symetric.

When you like i cane send you a pictur.

Regard Martin
by segeltraum
Tue 19 Jul 16, 22:31
Forum: DF28 General Topics
Topic: DF28 and Caribbean Cruising
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Hallo Sorry for my bad English. Im Swiss and owner from a Dragonfly 28. That is a great booat. You will love it in the Chesapeake Bay. The Trimaran is nice for two Person an easy to handle. I think you have also enough space with two Kids. You can easy trailer. You can slip it an have some hotstrop....