sewing machine

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sewing machine

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It has become too expensive to have canvas work done in my area - average charge $85/hour. I want to get a sewing machine that can handle trampoline and other heavy work. (I own a regular home sewing machine which is fine for minor stuff.)

I recently purchased Reliable Barracuda which appears to be nearly identical to Sailrite LSZ-1. Assembled the heavy crank wheel and tried. It failed in many ways: the belt slips off the wheel, not enough power to go through heavy fabric, the foot does not have much clearance... I returned it.

I did some investigation and came across HIGHLEAD GC0618-1-SC. It is about the same price as Sailrite, but appears to be much more of an industrial machine: dramatically better motor, v-belts, clearance under foot, etc. However, it does not have zig-zag stitch.

Any comments/suggestions/opinions?

Steve B.
What's your opinion of HIGHLEAD GC0618-1-SC?

Steve B.
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Highlead sewing machine

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I've never worked on that particular machine, but it would have plenty of power for what you want to do.
I've serviced several machines which are very similar to it, such as Juki and Brother.
It's designed to be mounted in a table with an oil pan and therefore isn't something you would take with you on the boat.

If you want something a little bit more portable, see if you can find a Bernina 950.
It's a very strong machine, heavy, but free standing.

Steve B.
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