Trailerability and Dry Storage

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Trailerability and Dry Storage

Post by phsailor »

I'm looking at a dragonfly 25 and 900, but I'm concerned about trailerability. Can either one of these be easily trailered over a week-end, set-up and take-down times? Can either be dry sailed off a trailer at a marina? The dargonflys and corsairs seem to be about the same performance wise, with DFs holding a definite advantage with interior comfort, but the corsairs can be easily trailered and set-up - and I could keep in dry in the marina and not pay for a slip.

Thanks for you help.
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Post by Niko »

Counting from arrival by car, we (two people with training) need two hours to assemble my DF 800 SW. Yes, you can slip the boat directly from the trailer afterwards. With some additional equipment, you can also set the mast yourself. However, we use a mast crane (15 min peparation, 15 min mast crane).
But it's true, Corsairs can be faster trailered, so they may be better for daysailing and week-end sailing on changing locations. For long trips, I wouldn't prefer a corsair because the lack of interior comfort.
The performance of dragonflies and corsairs is quite similar, though the philosphies are not. I think there is also a difference in quality; dragonflies have a lot of smart details.

Niko (DF 800 SW/279)
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