LED Lights

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LED Lights

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I'm not associated with any of these companies, just thought you might like to know.

Home Depot is selling Philips brand 12 volt LED. Two GU4/MRII indoor/outdoor flood models are available in my local store, 100 lumen @ 3 watts ($19.99) and 140 lumen @ 3.5 watts ($22.99). According to the packaging, it takes 20 watts for a halogen to make 100 lumen.

Both these models fit into the eyeball light aboard my DF 1000 (saloon and v-berth) once the metal reflector was removed. A simple turn of the fixture's outer ring drops the ring and the reflector. The reflector can then be separated from the ring. I thought the lights looked better with the ring than without.

They seem to work with the dimmer system in the saloon.

The 140 lumen bulb is a significant upgrade to the reading lights in the v-berth...and no heat!

West Marine is selling a GU4/MRII flood from DR LED for $29.00. I've no data regarding the lumen output or watts required.

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