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Would you charter a DF in the Med.

Poll ended at Thu 19 Jul 12, 10:58

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Måns O
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Charter survey

Post by Måns O »

I have tried to finfd a lighter tri for charter in the med. And as others not had any luck. As i think there are a lot of sailors that both would be interested and able to sail a tri in the med i am making this survey,

This is my idea. I will buy a DF 35, 1200 or maybe even a 920 Extreme. Advertize her only in trimaran sailors forums and only charter her out to proven and skilled multihulls sailors.

I am now trying to find out the interest for this and what you would think it was worth a week for each type.

YOu could eighter answer here or mail me if you think it woold be great to have the opportunity to charter a Dragonfly in the med.

Thanks on beforehand
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Post by roby »

at the moment i have a dragon fly 920 extreme, i usually sail during july. this summer i'll sail to sicily, and the next i'll be in tuscany . i'm planning to sell her after this summer, but if i can not do, it will be interesting your idea.
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Post by alek78 »

From 2012 Quorning is offering a DF28 for weekly charters in the waters around the factory. ... arter.aspx

In the first hours of the first day they assess the crew's ability to safely use the Dragonfly and then issue a kind of "certificate" for the skipper.

Maybe that "certificate" would prove useful also in a mediterrean scenario to make the charter easier.
no DF yet !
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