Shore power

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Shore power

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Excuse the stupid question

Is there a way to connect a DF 920 to shore power? There is a point at the bottom of the companionway step (starboard side) but I am not sure this is the right place.

Thank you
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DF920 Shore Power

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My DF920 was factory fitted with shore power connection. Alongside the saloon step starboard side was a two pin continental socket, which I have changed to GB type 3 pin.

That is wired from a consumer unit that is mounted in the cupboard on the starboard side forward facing on the main bulkhead. This consumer unit also supplies a battery charger that is floor mounted out of sight alongside the big sliding draw. The battery charger is monitored and controlled by a Mobitronic unit with a display near the main switch panel.

There is another two pin socket outlet in the heads, on the saloon bulkhead, inside the locker with the sliding perspex door.

The consumer unit is fed by a cable that runs from the anchor well, inside a moulded-in duct in the hull moulding.

If you want more info, send me an email to, and I will send you my telephone mumber.
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