Getting parts in the US

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Getting parts in the US

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I have found eBay UK to be a good source for some types of Dragonfly parts that are non-standard in the US, particularly some types of fittings and electrical parts.

I have been able to find the relays that control lights at a very low price, and ventilators, shorepower breakers/fittings also.

Language tip: When your search for boat parts, also include the word "caravan" in your search term. (That is what the British call a camper or motorhome).

For example, I just ordered one of these to repair a shorepower cord: ... 1086807645?

Also, Defender (US) sells the Sunforce Solar Vent 3000 and Sunforce Solar Vent 1000 which are direct drop-in replacements for the solar vents Quorning uses. ... id=1504262

Also, eBay has many sellers of G4 (pin base) LED bulbs to replace halogen interior bulbs.
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