Nice Tri Dfly 1000 hull # 1 - beware if you find it for sale

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Nice Tri Dfly 1000 hull # 1 - beware if you find it for sale

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It comes with great regret to inform you all that my boat Nice Tri was a victim of Hurricane Sandy -
Not to be sad, that was over in October and since the boat is now officially the insurance companies.

You may see the boat on the salvage market shortly. Beware, that there is so much hidden damage on the boat.

I can list it all here, but in short, don't be tempted by the low price. The only way the boat will ever be fixed correctly is that it goes back to the factory to be repaired.
Just remember the boat goes in excess of 20 knots. If the repairs were not made correctly, at that speed something serious can happen.

If you want a list please contact me thru the site, Bo has my email address.

Just keeping you informed

Ted Paliwoda
D'Fly 1000 ; HN #1
Nice Tri
Raritan YC, Perth Amboy, NJ, USA
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