Replacing an Eberspacher D1LC with D2

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Replacing an Eberspacher D1LC with D2

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Some early 920's were factory fitted with Eberspacher heating using the D1LC model. These are likely to be coming to the end of their life now but there is no direct replacement. The nearest is the D2. I have just done this replacement and this is what is involved:

The mounting plate is the same. You do not need to drill and new holes or add a new plate.

The exhaust pipe connection is the same, although mine was corroded after 15 years and I replaced it. You need 2m of it.

The cold air inlet connection is the same.

The combustion air inlet pipe is different. You need new pipe (1m) and a new end baffle. The hole where the pipe goes through a bulkhead below the cockpit needs enlarging slightly with a file.

The hot air outlet pipe connection is now slightly smaller. Eberspacher sell a converter for a small cost.

The fuel pump needs changing but you can use all the existing fuel pipework.

The electrical wiring is completely different and all the old wiring must be removed and new wiring that comes with the new heater installed.

The new heater can be bought cheapest with a full installation kit which includes a new digital controller rather that the older rotary controller. The new controller requires new holes drilling in the cabin wood and will not cover the holes left by the old controller. However, to prevent this it is possible to use the new heater with the old rotary controller and thermometer. A quick conversation with my Eberspacher dealer described how to do the wiring for this.

I run by heater on paraffin as it burns more cleanly. The manual for the older heater says that this is allowed but the new manual does not (although it does not say that it isn't). I spoke to Eberspacher and they said that Paraffin is a suitable fuel for the D2 although there will be a 10% maximum heat output drop.

The new heater plus installation kit plus a few extra small bits (like the new air inlet pipe and hot air outlet pipe converter) cost me £630. It took a complete day to remove the old heater and install the new one.
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