Who Owns This Boat?

including Amas (Floats), Akas (Beams) , Swing Wing system and all other hull related issues.
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Steve B.
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Who Owns This Boat?

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There is a Dragonfly 1000 listed for sale on TheMultihullCompany.com

http://www.multihullcompany.com/Trimara ... /TRI_FLING

Does anybody here know history of this boat and previous owners?

I'm asking for a friend who has owned lots of boats, but never a multihull.
Actually, not a floating multi although he's raced ice boats.
He was crew on a 40 footer when it "capsized" at 50 knots !!!

Any info is appreciated.
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Who owns this boat

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Please contact me directly for all details regarding this boat.
Dennis Shillen
(802) 457-4848
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