Corsair 37 or Dragonfly 35: Which Is Better for Blue Water P

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Corsair 37 or Dragonfly 35: Which Is Better for Blue Water P

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The DF-35 does have a full double aft bunk, and it is definitely a faster boat than the DF-1200. The 1200 might have a higher top speed, but the 35 will be faster in light air and get into "the teens" much sooner than the 1200. In moderate 10-20 knot winds a 35 will run away from a 1200.

What you lose in speed you more than make up in comfort, in the 1200. Not only is it more seaworthy in bigger seas and stronger winds, but it is much more spacious and more richly finished. The 1200 interior finish rivals the best "yachts" in the size range, and the craftsmanship is better than the 35 or any other of the newer DF models.

My boat has the base engine which making 57 HP. We motor at a cruising speed of 7.5-8 knots, and top speed under power is a hair under 9 knots. You can opt for larger engines (up to 150 HP) and motor at 15 knots. Under sail it all depends on the winds, sea state and point of sail, but with apparent winds in the 15-25 knot range we are very comfortable sailing in the 9-14 knot boat speed ranges while loaded for cruising (full tanks, provisions, dinghy/outboard and tools/spares with family of 4). I have taken the boat faster but I'm not into racing or pushing it, and we slow the boat if sea state is rough. I know other people have taken the 1200 much faster.

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Hi Joe -
It's not clear to me what you're asking. Can you clarify any questions?
Larry - Former Owner DF-1200
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