What is the Swing Wing Fiberglass Layup Structure?

including Amas (Floats), Akas (Beams) , Swing Wing system and all other hull related issues.
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What is the Swing Wing Fiberglass Layup Structure?

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Does anyone know how the fiberglass swing wings are layed up, structurally?

I am having some repaires done to one of the forward wings on my 2001 DF 920 (the outside top edge is delaminating) and the have been asked to find out how the fiberglass is layed up. IE. is it chopped strand or woven etc. and how is it layered.

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Direction of fibers

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Ask Qourning after sale. They know best how the ama has to be reinforced. Can you post some pictures from the Damage? Maybe an advice can be given.
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