A sail training event for dragonflys

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A sail training event for dragonflys

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I dont know how to start this rolling but would someone who is VERY experienced offer to run a traning sesion?

I would willingly offer my 920 here in Costa Blanca Spain as a base ( sailng all year round) or would the factory offer to put something on, (even at a cost)

Looking at the user forrum it is apparent at the many questions that we could all learn much about these fabulous but quite complex boats

Any feed back on how to move this forward


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And no replies to this idea????? I will explain my thoughts a little better, I hope? I assume all dragonfly owners are experienced sailers? Not a boat for a beginer I think. I have owned 11 boats includeing cats, a tri and several one hull boats with about 50,000nm sailing BUT I would still like to get the most out of both setting up the boat and sailing it, so what I had in mind was a master class type event, surely most of us could benifit from this, how about it, why not Jens doning this once or twice a year? if not come to Spain and we can use my 920?
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