Construction of Water Stays

including Amas (Floats), Akas (Beams) , Swing Wing system and all other hull related issues.
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Construction of Water Stays

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This question isn´t really about dragonfly but since my boat, trident 27/30, is a quorning boat I think some of you can help and also the dragonfly construction might apply to the boat...

Anyway, our trident starts to get old and needs to be reinforced... With a new main sail and some aggressive sailing we have reached the limit of what the poor boat can handle.

Instead of taking it easy our plan is to construct water stays witch should help. The first version of the trident had waterstays but the second, that I have, did not.

Does anyone have experience of constructing water stays? I am interested in every aspect of it: dimensioning, sealin etc.

To see some pictures of the original construction and also one new trident with added water stays see the following link:

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