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Posted: Fri 17 Oct 08, 1:34
by Oscar
I am (almost) one of you now..... In the process of closing on a DF25, I think it's hull # 54 from PC Mould..... 1990 As best I can decipher the HIN.

A lifetime of monohuls, I finally saw the light.

I'll tell more about myself when I have her sitting in the driveway....


Posted: Fri 17 Oct 08, 20:37
by tpaliwoda
Yep, that is Stew's boat, which used to be mine 6 years ago.
Was made by Paul Contouris which later started PC Mould.
It is # 54, one of the last one's he made.
Great boat to sail. Stew had it pretty well "tricked-out" with lots of extras.
Give a shout if you need any advice.
Best of luck with your new toy!

Posted: Fri 17 Oct 08, 23:54
by Oscar

Yes the sails and rigging looks pretty good. Sitting in a lot hasn't done it much good though. It's going inside for the winter in my heated workshop. It'll be getting a makeover.

Also plan on reworking the trailer so that the ama's can easily be detached and brought in and under to get to 8'6"

I'll be making full reports here......


Posted: Sat 18 Oct 08, 13:57
by tpaliwoda
I wouldn't loose any sleep about the trailering width. It sits wide up top where the crossbeams connect to the hulls. We were never stopped and checked for that. When we did travel further, or across state lines, I would get an over-width permit. Only costs about $20.00 per state. Cheaper and easier than taking the boat apart.
The trailer may need to be re-worked a little for the amma bunks.
Best thing to remember is to "keep-it-simple".
Good luck

Posted: Sat 18 Oct 08, 14:45
by Oscar
Much of my sailing is done on the Chesapeake. I have to drive through PA, DE and MD, much of it secondary roads. There are also trips planned to Maine. Permits can get costly and are restrictive. Also, at 8' it will fit under a nice covered shelter in my backyard. Plus, I like an engineering challenge.... :D

Posted: Sun 19 Oct 08, 19:54
by Oscar
Well, got her home today....

Pictures here:

Getting the trailer beam down is really not an option. It's 9'10" waaayyyy over, and as a final decision maker, it doesn't fit through the gate in the wall to the barn and the storage area.....