Plastic cars of the main (from Elvstrom) cracks

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Plastic cars of the main (from Elvstrom) cracks

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First I experienced this after riffing (1) the main. The riffing block on the sail should come very down close to the boom before tightening the main. I was not aware of that, and the traction on the first car was so big that it broke. From Q I got a one made of aluminum. Then, the lowest car broke (without any clear reason). Now I have changed all to aluminum with balls, but Q recommends the lowest in plastic and suggested to fix it to the main with a string/ elastic cord. Thanks Jens, I think it is very good idea!
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I suspect that most of us that received the plastic mast car tracks have now had personal experience with them cracking. I am now changing out my second one from plastic to aluminum with delron bearings. I suspect that the track and cars are not properly rated for the loads incurred by our large main. I have also had problems with the delron ball bearings getting slightly crushed eccentrically which has caused the mast car tracks to not function as smoothly or freely in the track. Last year I replaced all the bearings in the tracks. I will be launching my boat next weeks and will check whether this has occurred again. When I looked up the load ratings for our mast track/cars it seemed to me to be WAY underrated. On a more positive note, the folks at Quorning have been really good about replacing the plastic cars for me.


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