Sail damage to a DF in Emsworth Pool

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Sail damage to a DF in Emsworth Pool

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This was posted today (15th July) on another forum. Maybe someone knows whose boat this is...

Just been to the club to check our boat is still on her mooring in these high winds and tides (left the boat in a hurry to beat the tide on Sunday evening and didn't do my usual thorough checks).

Having a pan around the harbour with the bins I noticed two boats with wind damage. If anyone recognises them please let the owners know.

Both boats are on the Thorney side of Emsworth Pool (top end of Emsworth Channel just before the Yacht Harbour entrance).

The first is a Dragonfly tri for sure with blue and white stripes on the amas. It appears the jib has become detatched from the forestay and is blowing all over the place, looks to still be furled somehow and is therefore not shredded yet.
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