Kitchen problem

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Kitchen problem

Post by Christian »

Fire onboard!

My DF 800 has an ORIGO 2000 stove. It has been the regular stove one the 3 DF800 I have been sailing. It runs on alcohol. Very simple, just fill the container and burn.

This summer we were going downwind - wind in from port – nice speed – about 10 knots. Felt it was time for coffee and put a pot on the stove. The coffee took longer time than usually. And suddenly I saw smoke coming up from below the stove. It was fire all over the stove. It was close that I used the fire-extinguisher - but I managed to put out the fire by open the stove and cover the container with a saucepan.

I have tried the stove afterwards and it seems to work all right. Can’t see any technical reason for this incident.

My analysis of this incident is: wind problem. It was blowing quite a strong wind and it was coming in from behind, from port side. The stove is on starboard side. I think the wind got into the stove and moved the flame from being directed to the coffee pot to be directed to the side of the stove. So the metal cover of the stove was overheated – and started to smoke. The container of alcohol was also overheated.

Any other ideas?

Has anyone experienced something similar?

Conclusion of this is to avoid coffee going down wind – but upwind is it ok. Going upwind, the wind does not blow into the boat. So the rule is coffee for upwind and beer for downwind.

/ Christian
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Re: Kitchen problem

Post by Double Horizon »

Christian wrote:So the rule is coffee for upwind and beer for downwind.
/ Christian
That's funny.. :)

Glad you got it under control in time. One issue is the alcohol flame is nearly invisible. Besides smothering the flame, alcohol fires can be put out with water. (No need to use a messy dry chemical extinguisher.)
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Post by tpaliwoda »

I don't think we ever had a "fire" thread!
Glad to hear everything turned out fine.
Ted Paliwoda
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