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Df For Sale / Wanted Adverts

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Dear Forum User,

There is news for the DFs For Sale / Wanted page of the DF Forum.

1) You have now the possibility to include up to 5 photos with your advert which, when clicked on, will appear as a nice pop-up. Of course it cost a little bit extra as it is time consuming to process the photos but it might be worth it (have a look at the DF35 for sale).

2) I have included the DF28.

3) I've fixed a problem with the Firefox browser which didn' like the "Go to TOP of Page" command.

4) After 5 years, yes the last increase was 5 years ago, I've introduced new tariffs. The good news for those who have not sold their boat within the first three month is that the Renewals for another 3 month remains at 50 Euros.

The new Tarrifs are: (always for 3 months)
60 Euros/£ (approx. US$ 75) for boats/items up to 30k and all WANTED ads
80 Euros/£ (approx. US$ 125) for all boats 30k and over
NEW: 150 Euros/£ for Adverts with up to 5 Photos
Renewal of any advert for another 3 month: 50 Euros/£ (approx. US$65)

Good luck with the sale and/or purchase of your boat.
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