For issues which concern all or several type of DFs and which DO NOT fit into any category below!
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too inspiring I want to imitate... some questions

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Great video thanks!

And great sails. I assume you made them.

I have read conflicting and tendentially negative views on the utility of the code zero (bulky and limited range of use). But everything seems very smooth and fast on your video. What material is it made? What was the true wind speed in the video. Do you you use it also to go downwind? I.e. does it replace the standard elvstrom gennaker for an ordinary cruising use (I know that in theory they are different sails for diffferent uses) ? and more crucially with how much money should one part to add this beautiful sail (+furler etc?) to our favourite toy?

Some more questions if I was not sufficiently impolite.

What is the bar(rail) before the mast that one sees at about second 4.33 and 4.56 of the video . Is it it for a self tacking jib?

I have seen you installed an air vent on the toilet roof, do you have the specifications and are you happy with it?

Thanks in advance and sorry for asking so much.
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