Phishing W A R N I N G to Advertisers

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Phishing W A R N I N G to Advertisers

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This is a warning to all advertisers to be vigilant about certain email enquiries. There are several scams out there (mostly but not all originating from Nigeria and written in bad English). Here is an example received yesterday:
Good day to you there!

We would need you to know that the following has our attention for an immediate purchase:

Dragonfly 800

Kindly supply detailed information about the above listed with applicable prices not forgetting to give a shipping quote/advise too down to United State.

Will be glad to read from you soon.

Warm Regards,

Jame Roland
DON'T supply any personal details - banking or otherwise - to enquirers like this!
Don't accept large payments with a request to forward some to a shipping agent (or anybody else)!
Be aware if anybody offers you more than the asking price.
Be aware if anybody offers to by your boat without having seen it.

And last but not least don't fall for the old trick of letting somebody try your boat without yourself or your agent being on board!
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