High performance rudder

including Amas (Floats), Akas (Beams) , Swing Wing system and all other hull related issues.
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High performance rudder

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I am about to buy a new high aspect ratio rudder for my DF1000R-8. The profile is NACA0012.5 and there is an adjustment system for rake angle to find out the right area for the balanced area. The blade is made of PVC core and carbon fiber. It is reinforced to hit hit rocks in shallow waters as we have here in Finland.

See attached CAD drawings and photos. It is possible to rotate and zoom the blade in the file DF1000-PerformanceRudderLookV8.

The price is about 1600 euros without VAT and freight. The seller gives -15% off if I buy two rudders. I have done all the engineering work and I do not guarantee does the blade fit any other DF1000. This blade might fit to DF920 too, the transom seems similar.

If anyone is interested of this project please contact me.

Please click on any of the photos to see them enlarged!

Image Image

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