Zinc Anode

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Zinc Anode

Post by RoboTamer »

I just bought "Nice Tri" a DF1200, I have so many questions and I am surprised there is not more going on here.
But to the point:

I have to change the zincs, and found the one for the Bow Thruster, but can't find any specs on the main DF zincs.

Would be nice if I could buy them before I haul out the boat.

Side-Power Anode at Defender:
http://www.defender.com/product3.jsp?pa ... id=1731354
Double Horizon
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Post by Double Horizon »

Hi Robo

Congrats on your DF 1200. I'd be happy to help you out with any information you need. I'm a DIY type and know a lot about these boats. I've been aboard Nice Tri and your bow thruster was not factory installed- it was added later.

Richard S has my contact info. I only check in here once in a while so email or phone is best. BTW Richard is a great resource also, as I'm sure you already have found out.
Larry - Former Owner DF-1200
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