Replacing the 2:1 halyard with 1:1

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Replacing the 2:1 halyard with 1:1

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Just wondering whether anyone has considered this. Advantages might be:
- less weight aloft (removes the block at the sail head)
- shorter halyard (mine needs replacing)
- quicker hoisting (feels like the electric winch could handle it)
- less excess halyard in the cockpit

I guess the Easylock clutch might need uprating - perhaps with a rope constrictor clutch, which in any event would be easier on the halyard. Are there other issues - mast compression is less under 2:1? Anything else?

Please let me know if you've done it or have views on why is should/can't be done.
Double Horizon
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You nailed it - the mast compression would double, as would your halyard and sheave loading. You would also need to go up a size in your halyard line. These are critical components. You payed a lot of money for your boat and you should not cut corners on a proper halyard, imho.
Larry - Former Owner DF-1200
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