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Spare Parts for DRAGONFLY Trimarans

If you know of any supplier and/or manufacturer of spare parts (original or replacements) please let me know and I will add it to the list below.

Submit spare parts supplier details by using the Contact page.

Don’t forget to give details of the country in which the supplier is located!

To sell second hand (used) spare parts or one-offs please use the For Sale/Wanted section

Some of these suppliers mentioned (like Sea-Sure and Nauquip) might not deal directly with the public.

A buyer will need to go through a ship chandler. However, this is not the real problem, the hard part is finding the supplier in the first place when the chandler cannot help.

To jump straight to a category on this page click on any of the words listed below.

| Cooker/Heaters| Crockery | Deck Fittings/RiggingElectrical|  Paint/Sealant | Sprayhood/Tent | Skin Fittings/Seacocks | Toilets | Water Stays |


Wallas Web Site: www.wallas.fi

UK distributor: www.kuranda.co.uk

Tel: + 44 1663 734800

Other countries’ distrubtors are on the above Wallas website.

For instruction on the correct usage of the Wallas diesel cooker see User Forum: wallas_diesel.htm


UK Distributor: www.eberspacher.com

and all the UK Eberspacher dealers are listed on this page…www.eberspacher.com/dealers


UK: www.worldofcamping.co.uk

this link is directly to the World of Camping website (UK) – they carry the SMEV stove and sink and tap fitted to many of the Dragonflys.


“Navigare Vivere Est” Crockery

as supplied originally with the Dragonfly by Quorning can be bought in Europe through mail order (or in their shops in Germany) from

SVB: www.svb.de/de/geschirr-navigare

Find this crockery on the website under Boat Equipment | Dishes. The website is available in English and German.

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Deck Fittings/Rigging:

Dome headed bolts that connect the beam hinges to the beams/hull

are sold by www.seascrew.com

You need A4 or 316 and search for carriage bolt. These have the square section in the shaft of the bolt under the head.

Another supplier in the UK of the A4 carriage bolts is www.accu.co.uk

Boom (for DF920)
The boom on the standard 920 (don’t know about the Extreme) is made by Z Spars, as are some of the fittings including the end castings and the main sheet attachment points.

The end castings have part numbers cast into them. From this part number Z Spars can identify which boom system you have and supply spare parts.

Z Spars web site: www.zsparsuk.com

Torlon balls used in Frederiksen/Ronstan batten cars are very expensive if bought from Ronstan.

This company sells packs of 100 at a quarter of Ronstan’s price…

They sell more sizes than they list on their website. Call them for details.


Gebo Portlights

Manufacturer: www.boomsma.com

Their website is in Dutch and English.

UK supplier: www.mailspeedmarine.com

Contact manufacturer for suppliers in other countries.

DF800 Ama hatches

Manufacturer: Moonlight

UK supplier: Houdini Marine Windows Ltd. www.houdini-marine.co.uk

Comment from recent DF800 customer: “Excellent service and reasonable prices.”

Frederiksen parts are now called Ronstan.

Worldwide suppliers can be found on www.ronstan.com

The website has what looks to be a fairly complete product listing.

7600 Bryan Dairy Road N., Suite F, Largo, FL33777

Tel: +1 727 545 1911, Fax: +1 727 541 6611

UK: Distributor of Ronstan (Frederiksen) parts is:

Ronstan (UK) Ltd.,

Harbour Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BG

Telephone +44 23 9252 5377, Facsimile +44 23 9252 0966

Email office@ronstan.co.uk

UK retailer of spare parts for Fredericksen/Ronstan parts:

Jason Belben, Sailtek Ltd, Tel: +44 7765 401617, email: sailtek@btinternet.com

UK: Importer of Andersen winches is IMP: www.improducts.co.uk

UK importers of Moonlight Hatches is Houdini: www.houdini-marine.co.uk

UK/German retailer of Easylock equipment is Compass Watersports: www.compass24.com

UK: Clevis Pins (e.g. Mast Foot/Pivot):

Sea Sure,www.sea-sure.co.uk

A specialist company in the UK that supplies these unusual sized clevis pins.

Inspection Covers (and O-ring packs) + Clevis Pins etc
RWO, www.rwo-marine.com

A specialist company in the UK that has worldwide distributers (see web site). It manufactures the Inspection Covers used on the 920 and 800 and sells O-ring replacement packs (you’ll find the reference numbers on their web site).

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LEDs for Navigation Lights

A UK company sells an LED light bulb that fits into the navigation lights on Dragonflies. This bulb reduces current consumption from 1 Amp to 100 mA for each light. This is a significant saving for the outboard powered Dragonflies that do night sailing.

These bulbs have a 15 mm diameter base with two connectors at the bottom and two offset pins coming out the side. This type of bulb fitting is called Hella 1142.

This is the company…


On the left hand list click Boat/Caravan for a variety of LED replacement marine bulbs.

Bulbs for indirect lights in saloon

Use Dashbord Bulbs (12V) from automotive parts suppliers.

Raymarine and Autohelm Handbook/Instruction Manuals:

Raymarine parts are easy to buy just about anywhere, but did you know that their owners’ manuals for current and many past products are on their website, free to download. Print out just the pages you need and keep these on your boat instead of the full manuals, a bit more weight saved.

See here… www.raymarine.com

Electrical Connectors:

The waterproof deck and bulkhead connectors Quorning use are hard to find, but I have found a supplier in the UK. Quorning use these connectors when fitting optional equipment, for example the deck connector for the wind instrument, and exterior connectors for solar panels. These connectors come in 2, 4 and 7 pin varieties.

A UK supplier is Compass Watersports mail order. The information on their website for these connectors is incomplete and wrong, but the information in their paper catalog is complete and correct. They will send you a catalog if you call them on +44 8704 204075. Look in the index for ‘Plugs’ (page 124 of the UK 2005 catalog).

You can order your catalogue online…



The connectors are made by a German company called Binder. Their website is www.binder-connector.de

They have an online catalogue. Their product range is huge. Look for series 692 connectors. They do not sell direct but will put you in touch with distributors around the world.

Paint/Sealants/Tape etc:

Grey Tape for the front edge of the forward beams

UK: SAC Graphics, Tel: +44 1384 443744 mail@sacgraphics.co.uk

Colour is Smoke, width is 1.5 inches.

Sealant Tape for the Sliding Main Hatch over companionway:

The grey ‘wooly’ tape on which the main hatch slides is known as pile weatherstrip and is commonly used for aluminum storm doors and window tracks. It’s often referred to as wool pile weatherstrip even if it’s not wool. I found a few sources for it using a Google search for the term [Pile “weatherstrip” grey].

In the UK there is a mailorder company which sells it as draught excluder strip for sliding windows, which is a narrow self-adhesive strip of fur-like fabric. This company will post it to anywhere, and are now aware that this is the stuff for Dragonfly Trimaran main hatches!


Click on ‘Draught Excluders’ in the category list. It is part number DE104, called Exitex Brush Pile Weatherstrip.

Rubber stops for sliding hatch: can be found at a local hardware store. If necessary cut them to size.

On the 920 the main sliding hatch hits two rubber bumpers when it is fully closed. These are small circles of grey rubber.

The size Quorning use is 18mm diameter.

Sprayhood and Cockpit Tent

Schultz Sadelmageri: www.schultz-kalecher.dk (in English, Danish and German), Tel +45 76 32 12 00.

Schultz are also the only supplier I know for the sprayhood hinges and fittings that connect the sprayhood/cockpit tent to the hull. These fittings are made by Ekko.

Zip Sliders

The zips used on the sail and cockpit tent covers are YKK Vislon size 10. The sliders often corrode or break when used on a boat. It is difficult to find a supplier who will sell a small number of just the sliders, but this UK company will. They will post abroad as well.



The hinges used on the Schultz sprayhood (gray plastic made by Ekko) on the 920 (and maybe others) are not up to the job. They degrade in sunlight and last only 5 years. They are hard to find, expensive, and difficult to replace because the end fitting needs removing to slide the fitting over the pole.

This company…


… make a metal replacement which fits our poles and are much stronger. You need part numbers 1024 and 1041. They are beautifully made and because they clamp on no drilling or end fitting removal is required. The distance to the hinge point is slightly longer than the Ekko hinges, and 5mm needs to be cut off the end of the pole that goes into the end cap.

I put insulation tape round the poles before fitting to avoid different metal corrosion of the aluminum. (JB)

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Skin Fittings/Seacocks

Although these are often available from general chandlers, it is important to use the correct type. This company stock a wide range, and are able to give expert advice.



Jabsco Toilets: www.jabsco.com

Jabsco have excellent details on their web site, including detailed diagrams and parts lists.

Click on Marine, then Toilet Systems

They can also be contacted by phone:

UK: +44 (0) 1992 467 132

USA: +1 949 859 1254

Germany: +49 (0) 40 53 53 73 11

Water Stays

John Blaiklock (UK) writes (and I agree):

The best value supplier of water stays appears to be Quorning Boats. Many normal yacht riggers seem unable to work with 10mm Dyform wire themselves, and will sub-contract the work if they are asked to produce these items. This makes their prices expensive.

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