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The Dragonfly folding trimarans are built in Denmark by Quorning Boats: Dragonfly.dk

The unique Dragonfly Swing Wing system has been standard on all Dragonfly Trimarans since the introduction of the system in 1989.

The all-new Dragonfly 40 Performance Cruiser is cutting edge design with focus on easy handling and short handed sailing. Spacious cockpit and a stylish, modern interior. Setting new standards for comfortable and safe family offshore sailing.

The Dragonfly 40 is available in four versions, the standard TOURING version with self-tacking jib, the ULTIMATE version has a taller and more powerful rig and larger overlapping furling headsail for higher performance, the C Ultimate Carbon version with floats-, beams-, forward and aft structual main hull bulkheads-, centerboard trunk and under deck cabin mast support in carbon Pre-Preg system cured in Autoclave and the C Performance version is similar to the C Ultimate version, but with an even taller and more powerful rig and sails.
The Dragonfly 40 accommodates a crew of 6 to 8 persons.

The DF40 replacess the Dragonfly trimaran DF1200.

The specifications in brackets are for the Ulimate version.

Dragonfly 40 FOR SALE

Beam (unfolded):
Beam (folded):
Length (folded):
Draft (min):
Draft (max):
Mast Height:
Height over water:
Main Sail:
Genoa (Code 0):
Spinnaker (sym):
Spinnaker (asym):
Max. Motor:
Weight (empty):
Payload (incl. crew):
CE Certification:

12.4 m
11.5 m
8.4 m
4.0 m
14.2 m
0.7 m
2.2 m
17 m
18.8 m 920.8)
65 m² (75)
33 m² (38)
65 m² (80)
110 m² (140)

57 hp
5800 kg
2200 kg
150 Litre
220 Litre
75 Litre

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