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These are archived postings from the first Dragonfly User Forum from 2001-2006. Lots of useful information to be found here!

Here are all those messages which are of general nature and do not relate to a particular boats type!.

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Re: Is there a cheap Hotel or B&B near Quornings, Fredericia, DK ?
[from: Anders Brandt, Denmark, 26 Oct 2006]
Hi, I know a BB place 15 km from Skaerbaek which costs 200 dKr (approx. 27Euros) per day, I you are interested I can make a reservation for You! Please write to anders@medisoft.dk.
Cheers, Anders

Is there a cheap Hotel or B&B near Quornings, Fredericia, DK ?
[from: egidio babbi, Italy, 24 Oct 2006]
I will spend a couple of days in Fredericia in the first week of November. Can anybody suggest me a cheap hotel or a B&B not so far from the Quorning yard?
Thanks a lot. Good Wind. Egidio

Lending your DF800/920 or DF1000 ?
[from: Erhard Buch, Germany, 6 Oct 2006]

Hi DF-owners,

is there anyone, who will lend his DF800/920 or –1000 for about 4 to 5 weeks in July or August 2007? – For the last 6 years I sailed with my wife with a monohull (HR352) in the Stockholm-skerries, Aalands and the Finnish Archipelago. But now I have come acquainted with a DF800 on lake of Konstanz and I think it is a much better way to sail in these skerries. – Then if you will do an offer please contact me at erhardbuch@compuserve.de. Erhard

A lot of questions from a new Dragonfly owner
[from: Egidio Babbi, Italy, 23 Sep 2006]
I will receive my new DF35 next year, and in this particular moment (I feel my self like a young father at the nursery….) I am studying all incoming problems.
Has anyone bought a boat by a leasing payment? Which country is offering the best (cheaper) leasing? France, Italy, England? And what about the security equipments? If you show Italian flag, you must carry on the boat a life raft of 65kgs, very heavy. What about a boat showing English flag, or France or Spanish??? How do I find out the rules of the European countries?

A DF transporter to be recommended
[from: Nille Svensson, Sweden, 15 Aug 2006]

Hi, New DF800 owner here.

Just wanted to say that I used Arne’s transport service to get my boat home to Stockholm from France and I am very satisfied with the way Arne dealt with everything. I can highly recommend contacting him if you need to transport your boat.

Re: Synthetic stays/rigging for DFs?
[from: George Minkovsky, USA, 5 Aug 2006]

A few notes:

I think the waterstays require replacement every 10000 nm or 5 years whichever comes first (according to my 920 manual).

There is an excellent article in the latest issue of Multihull World magazine on synthetic rigging as was used in equipping a new cruising cat.

I believe that Jens actually considered using synthetic rigging as OEM equipment. It would be best to get his opinion on the subject.

Adjusting the waterstays would be relatively easy – screw the connectors deeper and deeper into the main hull and into aka. However, how would one attach the rope to the connector? This would require making custom fittings.

Synthetic stays/rigging for DFs?
[from: Luc Pont, Netherlands, 4 Aug 2006]

For understandable security reasons Dragonfly advises us to get new waterstays every 3 years. Although 85% of the many miles I made in my 920 the past 6 seasons weren’t rough at all, I think time has come to replace them next winter. For this reason and for a possible replacement of the mainstay-backstay combination I consider synthetic material. The advantages are obvious: far less weight by the same or even more strength, no more damages to the hulls (waterstays), deck (stays when lowering the mast) and mainsail (chafing when going downwind). The only disadvantage I can think of, and only in case of the waterstays, is that you have to adjust the stays after some time, because the material tends to stretch a little.

Many multihull sailors use synthetic stays, mostly from Erik Precourt from Canada (see www.precourt.ca) who also sells beautiful rigging accessoires to rig it all up.

Question: Does any Dragonfly sailor has experiences with this? Thanks, Luc.

Re: Tips for journey between Skaerbaeck and Stockholm
[from: Gerry Weston-White, UK, 20 May 2006]

Hi Patrick & Lars,
I had a DF920 Racing for 3 years in the Baltic and cruised the Islands of Denmark then south of Sweden & Norway in the first year.

The following two years my wife and I cruised the east coast of Sweden up to Stockholm and also into the lakes.

I now have a DF Extreme and for the last three years have cruised the east coast of Sweden which we love.

All of the Swedish skeries are really great, with plently of natural harbours and reasonably priced marina’s and harbours. Bornholm is worth the visit but does add time to a cruise. Have not yet been to Gotland.

Sailing through the islands is so easy. It is well marked but one needs to keep an eye on the charts as it is so easy to loose position.

I use a Ratheon colour plotter which for a relaxed mind I would not be with out. This is really really the area to use a good plotter. This is so true when sailing fast and that is why we have DF’s.

By the way, we reached 22.5 knots last year through some islands, the plotter sure came into it’s own then……..

I have a very good under cover storage in Vastervik and the price for the whole year was 7200 SKR I do however have a trailer which must help.

I have a 10.4″ Ratheon colour plotter SL631 Plus + charts for Denmark/Sweden and a tri-radial genoa (DF920) for sale (for details see For Sale at this forum).

If there any more questions please contact me. I will be in Vastervik early in July. ggww@btinternet.com

Regards, Gerry Weston-White.

Re: Tips for journey between Skaerbaeck and Stockholm wanted
[from: Lars Kjøller, Denmark, 8 May 2006]
Hi Patrick,
I plan to cruise my DF800 from Denmark/Copenhagen area to Stockholm (or thereabouts) and back during July. Basically, there are 2 routes to take, either south of- or through Sweden via the Göta Canal from Gothenburg to a point south of Stockholm. Both routes have much to commend them and I hope to do both, wind, weather and crew permitting. I do not know the east coast of Sweden very well, but I have ordered the charts and pilot books and in the meantime have much pleasure of Google Earth to spot places to anchor. There must be thousands!. Also: The Stockholm skerries are rated absolutely top by everyone I’ve heard from. I know a lot about the Danish waters, so do mail me on “lars_kjoeller@mail.dk” and I will make a more comprehensive list of favourite places, harbours, etc. Regards, Lars.

Tips for journey between Skaerbaeck and Stockholm wanted
[from: Patrick Dupuy, France, 3 May 2006]

I am going to sail from Skaerbaek to Stockholm in June and July. Anyone with good tips, places to see, places to avoid? How easy is it to find moorings or places in harbours?

We will do it in two phases: 20 days from mid-June and another 10 days from mid-July. Is it better to plan more time in the south or near Stockholm? What about Bornholm and Gotland?

Any kind of advice will be highly appreciated.

Winter storage in Stockholm area?
[from: Patrick Dupuy, France, 2 May 2006]
I recently acquired a 920 Extreme and intend to sail it in the Baltic Sea at least the next couple of years. Does anyone know a good place for winter storage (preferably indoor) in the Stockholm area ?

Re: Offshore sailing in DF800SW/DF920SW or F31/Seaon96 ?
[from: Michael Hucke, Germany, 28 Feb 2006]

I used to sail a DF800R. Offshore-Sailing is not a good idea with that boat. It has a weak structure. The stability is only maintained by the waterstay/backstay diamond form. The hull gets “load cracks” where the beam/hull connection is. You will find this on most used DF800SWs.

On strong winds +6 Bft the whole boat is moving in itself running over the waves.

Now I own a Corsair 28 CC and it is a much stronger boat. I used to sail it on 4 Meter waves on North Sea (Helgoland) in a force 7 (having force 9-10 the two days before) and it was safe fun. – I would never have done this with a DF800.

Re: DF Charter in 2006 available?
[from: Peter Potthoff-Sewing, Germany, 21 Feb 2006]

Answer to Uwe and Monika Halbe,

hi there, I am sailing an DF920 extreme in the North Sea. Trips start from the island Föhr. You may contact me under peterpose@yahoo.de

Re: Need info for voyage North France to the Mediterranean
[from: Jens B. Thuesen, Switzerland, 13 Feb 2006]
We have done part of the trip, and keep our Dragonfly in Portugal, Lagos, for the moment. It was very valuable to have the cruising guide from Detlef Jens onboard: ‘SW Spain & Portugal Cruising Companion’, ISBN 0-333-90773-6.

Re: DF Charter in 2006 available?
[from: Torsten Scholz, Germany, 10 Feb 2006]

Answer for Uwe and Monika Halbe, Germany, msg from 31 Jan 2006

Hi Monika und Uwe,

mein DF 800 MKII wird in der Ostsee gesegelt. Vielleicht ergibt sich was? Schlage vor Kontakt unter dejavuts@t-online.de. Torsten

Re: Need info for voyage North France to the Mediterranean
[from: BRODIN, France, 10 Feb 2006]
Réponse à Franck PASQUIER : j’ai fait le trajet inverse de celui que vous avez l’intention de faire, avec un monocoque (j’ai actuellement un DF 920), j’ai donc quelques infos qui pourraient vous intéresser si vous le souhaitez : vous pouvez me contacter : brodin.jf@gmail.com ou 02 97 30 47 88
[I’ve done the voyage in the opposite direction with a monohull (I have now a DF920). I can therefore give you some info if you like to contact me: brodin.jf@gmail.com ou (france) 02 97 30 47 88]

Need info for voyage North France to the Mediterranean
[from: Frank Pasquier, France, 8 Feb 2006]
J ai l’intention de faire passer mon Dragonfly 1000 de Lorient en Mediterranee en plusieurs etapes en laissant le bateau de quelques semaines a quelques mois dans differents ports d’Espagne et du portugal. ertains ont ils cette experience? Merci de vos reponses.
[I’ve the intention of moving my DF100 from Lorient (North France) to the Mediterranean in several stages and leave the boat for some weeks or months in different harbours in Spain and Portugal. Has anybody got experience with that. Thanks for your reply.]

DF Charter in 2006 available?
[from: Uwe & Monika Halbe, Germany, 31 Jan 2006]

Hello Dragonfly fans and owners!

Again this is somebody looking for a charter of one of these lovely boats – also an opportunity of sailing a DF for a couple of days together with the owner would be very much appreciated…

We are very much interested into sailing a DFs but cannot afford to buy an own one yet, which means that a test run at a dealer would make no sense. At the moment we sail a Warp 18 cat, which is a lot of fun (but we’re getting older…) ;o)

Has anybody tested the spi parasailor from Istec?
[from: Eric Baizeau, France, 6 Nov 2005]

Has anybody tested the spi parasailor from Istec? (www.istec.ag)

Wich mainsail for DF800 Racing: mylar sandwich DC66 or dacron or Hydranet?

Have you raced against an Outremer cat?
[from: Mark, UK, 29 Oct 2005]
Has anyone of you ever raced an Outremer catamaran and how does the performance compare?

Warning: Don’t be defrauded when selling your boat!
[from: James Stewart, UK, 28 Sep 2005]

I just received the following e-mail, which I am pretty sure is some form of scam (I think it involves them overpaying on their cheque and then requesting you sending the balance back, by which time their original cheque has bounced). They have obviously picked up the ad for my boat from the Dragonfly forum. I know you cannot do anything to stop them picking up the info from the web site but it might be worthwhile putting out a warning to others.

l got your contact details through web directory(barche CLASSIFIED) that you want to sell your Dragonfly 920 ‘Ngalawa’,which l am highly interested to order for it.

Kindly furnish me the last price for it,and l will instruct my shipper to come and pick it up from your door.

l will forward you a check for the payment and the check was drawn in euro and europe bank please advice the name l will make the check payable to and the address l will forward it to and l need your phone number for easier communication.

Regards frank.” (sic)

[It is certainly a well known scam. It’s done by the same people who offer you 20 Million $ if you help them to get some money out of Africa etc etc. Do not even reply to it when you receive something like it! Bo ]

Intended cruise, cicumnavigation of Ireland 2006
[from: Norman Whewell, UK, 28 Sep 2005]

It is my intention to sail clockwise round Ireland in my Dragonfly 920, Ricepudding IX along with Ken Duckling Dragonfly 920, Florence. The date we intend departing from Glasson Sailing Club, Lancaster, is 27th.May 2006, the first port of call in Ireland to be Howth Marina, near Dublin. We will then head south and hope to be in the Cork area towards the end of that week. We have are planning to take about a month to complete the cruise.

If any other Dragonfly owners are interested in joining this cruise, please do not hesitate by contacting me via email (normanwhewell@yahoo.co.uk) or by telephone, Lancaster, 01524 65784.

Number of DFs worldwide
[from: John Anderson, USA, 15 Sep 2005]
I am trying to get an idea of the number of Dragonflys out there. Here in the US we don’t see many of them, but are there lots in EU?
Does anyone have a guess to the number of: 600, 800, 25, 920, 1000, 1200 there are on the water?

Re: Good Insurance for Dragonflys ?
[from: Malcolm Ratcliffe, UK, 22 Aug 2005]
I got a good deal from Admiral Boat Insurance Salisbury. 01722-416106. Proprietor is a multihuller;- sails F boats.

Good Insurance for Dragonflys ?
[from: Clive Wright, UK, 17 Aug 2005]
Can anyone recommend a good insurance company for the Dragonfly? Thanks, Clive.

Re: Trampoline damage
[from: Malcolm Ratcliffe, UK, 17 Aug 2005]

My tramps also have had the tramp material detach from the tape adjacent to the cockpit. With mine, the material was OK, it was just the stiching that had failed. Suggest you look up a tarpaulin repairer in your yellow pages. They will re-stich at very reasonable cost. Alternatively, use a sailmaker to re-stich.

I used to have a Farrier F-27. Their tramps have a reinforcing square sewn in to the aft inboard corner where you get out of the cockpit onto them. This is a good idea, as this part of the tramp immediately outside of the cockpit gets heavy use. Mal

[The same happened to my trampoline stitching. The stitching is being destroyed by the UV of the sun. A good precaution is to make a cover to protect that section of the trampoline which is exposed to the sun when the floats are folded in, which is most of the time and that’s why the damage occurs in the back corner of the trampoline on the 920 mainly on the ‘sunny side of the berth’. Bo]

Trampoline damage
[from: Julian Dimock, UK, 12 Aug 2005]
Now in fourth season, our 920 tramp has suffered tear 0.5m long at aft end adjacent to mainhull. Has anyone experience of suitable UK repairer, or would it be desirable / sensible to replace both tramps after 4 seasons? The rip tear is along the material that binds the rod core along the edge to the actual multiholed tramp. The tear was caused by one medium sized person carrying out normal manoeuvre at sea placing foot in aft corner.

Check inside your boom
[from: Stephen Bondelid, USA, 12 Aug 2005]

I do a lot of daysailing, and very infrequently do I need to reef. I had noticed a few bits of sticks and dried grass on the deck while washing the boat, so I took off the boom end cap. To my surprise, there was a huge pile of sticks, grass, cigarette butts, and assorted trash in there! Birds have been using it as a home, probably for several seasons.

I tried the reefing lines, and sure enough they didn’t travel well at all! I’m glad I didn’t find out about this when it was blowing stink!

I tried several methods of cleaning before successfully washing it out with a garden hose. I stuffed the fully running open ended hose down the boom from the aft end and after several dozen strokes of the hose from end to end, It w! as clean. Now my reefing lines run free again.

Re: Offshore sailing in DF800SW/DF920SW or F31/Seaon96
[from: Stephen Hewitt, UK, 9 Jul 2005]
Going offshore big time in a dragonfly 800 would not be a good idea.The chances of a pitchpole in any steep sea is very high. You may not care about RCD catagories but having a major problem which results in rescue services being needed would probably bring more bad press to the multi hull fleet and continue to raise insurance costs. I have owned an 800 and a 1000 as well as an F27 and F28R and I would have to think twice before going well offshore in any of them.

Re: Navigare Vivere Est plate required
[from: Bo Wetzel, 27 May 2005]
A W Niemeyer (Germany) sells them at 24.95 Euro for 4. It’s in their 2005 catalogue on page 211. You can order the catalogue (Katalog in German) via the internet www.awniemeyer.de. You can also order direct via the internet the ‘Artikel-Nummer’ for these plates (195mm diameter) is 330078; it’s ‘Acopal-Glass-Geschirr’. There is no photo on the internet but it’s the same number/price as in the catalogue. They do deliver to the UK at cost. I’m sure you can send them an e-mail in English – go to the ‘Kontakt’ page.

Navigare Vivere Est plate required
[from: John Blaiklock, UK, 19 May 2005]

I have broken one of my original Quorning supplied plates with the above words and a rope pattern on in blue. Diameter is approx 19cm. Does anyone know where I can buy one from, or can someone sell one to me? The price of buying one plate from Dragonfly UK is far too high.


Re: Offshore sailing in DF800SW/DF920SW or Corsair F31/Seaon96 ?
[from: Rick, UK, 16 May 2005]

Thanks John, I probably am looking at coastal cruising between Northern Spain-Baltic. I’m not too fussed about lots of space and have been used to sailing a fairly lightweight mono so don’t tend to fill the boat up with lots of heavy stuff.

I want to keep the initial purchase cost down hence looking at a DF800. I’m not really bothered what insurance companies say about RCD Categories. It’s more about whether the boats can take the occasional hard time if caught out. So far the most sensible advice I’ve had from multihull sailors is that I’ll give up before the boat does – it’s just tht I am trying to find out if there is any specific reasons why something like a DF800 is going to be a problem. I try to be sensible about weather conditions whatever I’m sailing.

Any further comments or advice appreciated.

Re: Offshore sailing in DF800SW/DF920SW or Corsair F31/Seaon96 ?
[from: John Blaiklock, UK, 4 May 2005]

Can you be a bit more specific on the passages you intend to make, because offshore sailing in Northern Europe covers a wide range of possibilities?

For example sailing across the Irish Sea single handed on a 920 is possible. I did just that last weekend, Pwllheli to Dublin and back, 90 miles beating into a F6 on the return leg. It was well within the boat’s and my capabilities, but not exactly comfortable. I was tired on my return, but no more than I would have been on any other light 9m boat, mono or multi.

Offshore sailing in Northern Europe could also mean UK to Iceland for example. I would not attempt a trip like that in any boat you listed. It may be possible, but it’s outside their intended design usage, and also uninsurable.

As for comfort, for example heating, I have heating on my 920, and it seems this is not uncommon. Electrical power is limited, so I have to take care. For single handed sailing any of the bigger boats you mention will be fine, not much different from a similar sized mono, but you will have to keep the weight down (which is easier when on your own, bodies are heavy).

The smallest boat you mention (the 800) is not really suitable for offshore passages in my opinion. It’s not designed for them (RCD category C), and will also be difficult to get offshore insurance. Comfort on the 800 will be more limited, as will weight carrying ability.

Re: Offshore sailing in DF800SW/DF920SW or Corsair F31/Seaon96 ?
[from: Rudolf Büchi, Switzerland, 1 May 2005]
Answer for Rick (offshore sailing). Please call me +41 79 423 14 21

Offshore sailing in DF800SW/DF920SW or Corsair F31/Seaon96 ?
[from: Rick, UK, 1 May 2005]
I’m completely new to trimarans and trying to decide where to start. I want to sail mainly single handed in Northern Europe but don’t plan to trailer the boat, I prefer to make sea passages. Does anyone have experience of extended offshore sailing in DF800SW/DF920SW or Corsair F31/Seaon96. I really want speed and some comfort like heating. Is this realistic?

Dragonfly wanted for charter. Summer 2005.
[from: Rolf Knudsen, UK, 12 Mar 2005]
Dragonfly wanted for charter. Summer 2005.

Searching boat: Dragonfly Skaeregaard race
[from: Chris Plaass, Germany 16 Feb 2005]

G’Day, Dragonfly captains ! Is anyone DF sailor from the continent, 🙂

– owning a race-ready DF 26, 28, 800

– without an “able-bodied” crew

planning to go for the Skary race ?

I don’t have a boat currently, let alone a multi, let alone a Dragonfly, especially a 26, a 28 or an 800.(A hot, racy 800 is a nice thingie)

What I can offer is: 85 kg of muscles, brain, experience. Skills as helm and crew on Star, FD, HC16. Sole cockpit man on “FritzzzFratzzz” (Nigel Irens designed “Offshore 40” race trimaran). The sheer will to survive, win, enjoy. The task to document all that. :-))

I will also attend and report from the IMM 2005 from July 21-24 at Riga-LAT, a month later, but I am not sure if I take the car-ferry from Kiel or go by boat, which is the same problem. From Sweden its much shorter than from Kiel.

Also, I am planning to attend and report on the DF owners meeting, but on Sat March 12 only. It’s not of international importance for my mags but always nice to meet and discuss multi stuff.

In any case: All offers and ideas are welcome, and I look forward to meet and sail soon this year. DF or not.

Cheers, Chris (Claus-C. Plaass, Freelance Journalist & Correspondent, Pickert- 10, 24143 Kiel, Germany, tel: +49-431-36 800, e-maill: plaass@foni.net

Any DFs on lake Geneva ?
[from: Jean Philippe, Switzerland, 1 Feb 2005]

In the process of buying a DF 800 SW, I am interested to know if there are other DF on lake Geneva.

Hope to see some on the water.

[Bo: After you have bought your bought register with the Dragonfly Register and you will get a list of other registered owners.]

Looking to rent, crew or partner a DF in South of France
[from: Johan Aerts, France, 13 Jan 2005]

Wanted to rent a Dragonfly for several weeks a year in the South of France (St Raphael) or as crew member, or as a partner.

I have been catamaran sailing competitions for 15 years. Who can offer me one of these ??????????

I do speak flemish, deutsch, francais, english.

Wanting to charter a Dragonfly in the Baltic Sea
[from: Rainer Hellmann, Germany, 15 Nov 2004]
Hello, I have one question. Does anyone know where at the eastsee (Baltic Sea) it is possible to charter a Dragonfly? Thanks for answering.

Re: Problem with getting replacement parts
[from: Robert Schultz, USA, 28 Oct 2004]
A short while ago I posted a message describing my problems in getting replacement parts for my DF920. Incorrectly, I said Quorning Boats ApS was disinterested in after sale parts and service. I was quickly contacted by Jens Quorning who took exception to my characterization of Quorning’s attitude. Quorning was unaware of my ongoing problems and committed to a prompt resolution of my boat’s needs. Mr. Quorning also suggested that I work with Dragonfly Sailboats Inc. in the future. I have read everyone’s defense of Richard Suriani. He is personable, has come to my harbor to fix things on my boat, and has not charged me for parts for years although I have reminded him numerous times of his oversight. I would prefer to pay for everything. The free parts do not relieve the months of frustration in trying to secure critical parts for the last five years. I am envious of the people in the U.S. who have all good experiences with their ongoing dealings with Richard. I love my boat. Up until now, broken parts have driven me crazy. I look forward to the same excellent experiences everyone else is having.

Caring after the sale
[from: Larry, USA, 19 Oct 2004]

Today Richard of Dragonfly USA drove more than an hour each way to help me lower my mast for maintenance. He spent about six hours working with me (until after dark) and asked for nothing in return. We installed a new wind speed rotor, inspected and lubricated the sheaves and other rigging, and changed some wiring. He also found the quick-links at the upper ends of the top shrouds needed to be tightened. The boat has been used 4 summers so it’s a good idea to check things like this. None of this was warranty work.

I asked him to send me a bill for his professional services and also offered to take him for dinner, but he had other plans and his reply was “I like to help…I like these boats”.

He is very willing to provide excellent service and support after the sale, and he does more without charge than I expect from any boat dealer. That’s why I’m posting this.

I am looking for a crewmember
[from: Peter Le Belle, Spain, 14 Oct 2004]
I am looking for a crewmember who likes to join me to sail my DF1000 from Lagos Portugal to Almeria in Spain, expect to do the trip in 3 to 4 days non stop. expected departure date week 41 2004. please drop me a e mail if intrested.

Re: Problem with getting replacement parts
[from: Rudolf Büchi, Switzerland, 14 Oct 2004, DF920/77 Vaya con Dios]
Meine Erfahrungen mit den after sale service von Quorning Boat sind sehr gut. Selbst nach drei Jahren ist die Zusammenarbeit mit Jens und Hendrik sehr effizient.
[My experiences with the after sales service of Quorning Boats are very good. The relationship with Jens and Hendrik is, even after 3 years, very efficient.]

Re: Problem with getting replacement parts
[from: Larry (s/v 1st Tri, DF-920 hull #66), USA, 14 Oct 2004]

In response to Robert Schultz, my experience has been different in that I find Dragonfly USA very responsive and helpful over the last four years, even after the sale. I think he is doing an injustice by claiming a “lack of interest after the sale” has been made. The free support and service I have received from Dragonfly USA has gone far beyond the normal level required to meet obligations. (I suspect he’s gotten similar support from Dragonfly USA, because I find Richard is always willing to help out if I express a concern.)

Beyond the many hours of hands-on support and helpful knowledge/advice I have received mainly for non-warranty issues (with payment refused even after I offered) I know of other specific instances where Dragonfly USA has corrected owner-caused mistakes and boatyard-caused damages without billing the owners. Dragonfly USA and Quorning also replaced failed rope clutches for me that were beyond warranty from EasyLock.

My “critical” parts requests have gotten good attention from them when I made them aware of my needs, and parts prices have been reasonable or even competitive. I agree however, that Quorning should make all non-critical parts orders a higher priority, too.

Robert mentioned “Harken vs. Frederiksen” — I don’t know what he’s referring to but one should be able to get Frederiksen parts locally in the US. The company has been acquired by Ronstan. A quick web search came up the following contact info, and the website has what looks to be a fairly complete product listing. If you know the part numbers, I’m sure any local rigger or chandler would be able to order parts.

Ronstan International Inc., 7600 Bryan Dairy Road N., Suite F, Largo, FL33777

Telephone +1 727 545 1911, Facsimile +1 727 541 6611

Email: office@ronstan.us, Website: www.ronstan.com

While I would stay with Frederiksen for cars and slides that are permanently mounted, I don’t see any reason one can’t substitute blocks with proper-sized hardware from another maker.

There are custom fittings and rigging on the Quorning boats that I would always prefer to get from Quorning, but off-the-shelf parts are best acquired from the distribution channels geared-up to serve an aftermarket parts industry, in a more competitive channel. I find John Blaiklock’s Spare Parts list helpful and hope we can continue to see it grow.

Problem with getting replacement parts
[from: Robert Schultz, USA, 12 Oct 2004]
I am having huge problems getting replacement parts for my DF920 #52. I thought the difficulty was that I’m in the U.S. and the components and hardware on the DF aren’t what I see here. Harken vs. Frederiksen for example. I think a lot of my problems originate with the U.S. dealer’s lack of interest after the sale has been made. I expect parts to break if I sail hard. I don’t expect to be ignored by the builder as my boat sits there waiting up to five months for critical parts. From reading other posts to this site, it seems I’m not the only dissatisfied customer. Quorning can and should do better. I’ve had other boats and they had customer service/parts departments. It’s about time Quorning took the next step and improved its business.

Starting Spare Parts Supplier List
[from: John Blaiklock, UK, 14 Sep 2004]

We will all need spare parts for our boats as they get older. I am making a list of suppliers of parts that were fitted as original equipment by Quorning on my 920, number 54. Sometimes these suppliers are hard to find, so I will share those I know and would appreciate knowing of any more other owners of Dragonflies may have. Although Quorning can supply many parts, that is not their main business obviously, and they charge a very large amount of money for some small components. Often it is better to buy these elsewhere if possible.

See Spare Parts for DFs for some suppliers I know.

Some of these suppliers I mention (like Sea-Sure and Nauquip) do not deal directly with the public. A buyer will need to go through a chandler. However, this is not a problem. The hard part is finding the supplier in the first place when the chandler cannot help.

I hope we do not upset Quorning. I expect we won’t because I have the feeling that supplying small parts is more of a bother to them that it is worth, they do it because they have to rather than want to.

I have not been able to identify the electrical connectors Quorning use for the mast/deck connections and also the solar panel connections. If anyone knows of a supplier of these or even a manufacturer I would like to know.

[Thanks John for your suggestion. Bo]

Any Dragonflys sailing in Portugal and Galicia ?
[from: Laurent d’Ozouville, Portugal, 11 Sep 2004]
Since my Dragonfly 800 will be soon based in Lisbon (Portugal). I wonder whether there are any Dragonflys sailing in Portugal and Galicia.
[A good point of contact is the Dragonfly Register. If you register yourself, you will get a list of all other owners who have done likewise and which shows their home ports and sailing area. Bo]

Any Regattas in the Adriatic Sea ?
[from: Chris, Austria, 9 Aug 2004]
would like to know what interesting races (if possibble in the Adriatic Sea, if not trailerably reached from Austria) you can participate with a amall Dragonfly (600, 800)?

Re: Having trouble getting insurance
[from: Malcolm Ratcliffe, UK, 7 Jul 2004]
Try Admiral boat Insurance Salisbury. Robert Holbrooke, I think he is the chief there, owns a F24, and might give you a quote. If he can’t quote you, he is very helpful in directing you to those who might. Tel: 01722-416106

Re: Having trouble getting insurance
[from: Andy Tout – 920 42, UK, 6 Jul 2004]
Don’t those insurance brokers love us multi sailors! The best quote I got was through craftinsure.com via the internet. I was a bit nervous buying insurance this way at first but noted they are backed by a very large marine insurance company. It’s costing me some £500GBP per annum at present, anyone with knowledge of a more competitive company will be a friend for life!

Having trouble getting insurance
[from: Terry Burdett, UK, 6 Jul 2004]

I own a folding trimaran (not a Dragonfly) and am having trouble getting insurance.

Can anyone tell me who they use, please, and whether the premiums are loaded at all?

I want to get involved with sailing DF800s or larger
[from: Nick Troy, UK, 1 May 2004]
I would ideally like to charter one this summer in the Channel although possibly elsewhere. This could be a private arrangement.

Wir trauern um Otto Johannsen
[from: Wolfgang Sorg, Germany, 29 Jan 2004]
Wir trauern um Otto Johannsen, der am 27.Januar nach schwerer Krankheit verstorben ist. Er war einer der ersten, die in Deutschland auf Multihulls segelten und hat maßgeblich die Entwicklung und Verbreitung der DF 800 beeinflußt. Er wird uns als guter Freund, hervorragender Segler und absoluter Fachmann immer in Erinnerung bleiben.

I would like to sail on a Dragonfly in Belgium
[from: Carina Pintjens, Belgium, 19 Jan 2004]

Ever since I saw a Dragonfly sailing in the harbour of Nieuwpoort (Belgium) about ten years ago, I have “fallen in love” with this boat. I would really love to sail on one, once in my life. Are there any Dragonfly owners in Belgium with whom I could sail ? I have some sailing experience but only on monohulls. I usually rent a sailing yacht (with skipper) from a charter company.

Oh, and I live in Deurne, close to Antwerp (Belgium). Greetings, Carina

A Thank You to John Leadbetter
[from: Bo Wetzel]
Thank you John for your recent monetary contributions to the User Forum after having sold your boat through this Forum and thank you also for your past contributions of advise and photos. I’m looking forward to the promised CD with further photos to enrich the User Forum Photo Gallery.

Practical boat hook storage
[from: Steve Bondelid, USA, 14 Oct 2003]

Please click on the photo to see it enlarged!
Here’s where I store my mooring pick up tool. The port side is where I keep my boathook. Stored in this way, they are easy to grab, and totally out of the way when not in use.

Although this is a DF1000, it can probably be done on other models. Two clips inside the amas hold the hook securely in place.

Re: We are interested in the DF920 and DF1000
[from: Martin Rudolph, Germany, 13 Oct 2003]

Dear Elke, (see below, Elke Renkes, 14 Sep 2003)

From now 1,5 seasons experience I can tell you:

1. A tri does not really like the waves – as no other yacht do.

2. Forget all about comfort and space e.g. under deck incl. 1000 ltr. watertank and 2m head in the cabin – in particular if you come from a 38ft monohull

3. However speed is the stuff you are always looking for, living for when sailing such a tri – this (over-)compensates you for all and everything (incl. less comfort).

4. Tris keeps you active and young.

5. The best yacht for “Wattenmeer”, falling dry and cross shallow water with high speed where other yacht never can make it – if you like go directly to the beach, when other a struggling for the last place in the harbour.

6. I operate this tri mostly single handed even up to 6-7 Bf – I believe this says all and nothing to add regarding handling and saefty.

7. Moreover: You find a fanastic open minded multihull community – only a handful of active sailors (compared with the monohull world) – they nearly know each other. Money, yacht-class, size of ship, social level etc. etc. all is of absolut no, no interest: who participate in multihuill sailing is accepted and intergrated (My experience in the Netherlands).

Last not least: Contact me whenever you like to know more. Mobile: +49 177 77 88 930 or office +49 201 127710 or mail.

Unfortunately season is nearly over – however next year will come and from time to time there is an opportunity to join me to go for a race on Ijsselmeer, NL or “Wattenmeer”. Next big event will be round Ijsselmeer in May 2004 (details see website in NL from CTC (Catamaran Trimaran Club, this year the best did it under 5 hours!)

P.S.: My tri is lying North-north Netherland (Den Oever)in the triangle Ijsselmeer-Wattenmeer-North Sea, I live in Essen.

Re: Has anyone been assigned a handicap for the Dragonflys
[from: Darryl Brathwaite, Caribbean, 9 Oct 2003]

Donald, You are racing in the Caribbean (Cayman) which is governed by the CSA (Caribbean Sailing Assoc). Download their 2002 Ratings pdf and you will see ratings for the monohulls you are racing against.

Ask your club to assign you a provisional handicap number close to one of your close competitors on corrected time.

In my club (Grenada) the CSA (adjusted) ratings are:


1. Corsair 28 0.970

2. Dragonfly 25 0.930

3. Corsair 24 0.925


1. Melges 24 0.873

2. Henderson 30 0.946

3. Hobie 33 0.879

4. Soverel 42 0.925


When we race general handicap everyone accepts the results. (see my message – More to (Racing/Regatta) Handicap for Dragonflys [from: Darryl Brathwaite, Caribbean, 14 Aug 2003]

We are interested in the DF920 and DF1000
[from: Elke Renkes, Germany, 14 Sep 2003]

Wir sind an dem Dragonfly 920 oder 1000 interessiert. Wer kann uns weiterhelfen mit informationen über das Verhalten in Wellen. Unser Revier ist die Nordsee und Ostsee. Wie anfällig ist die Klapptechnik? Wann müssen die Stagen der Rümpfe ausgetauscht werden? Wo kann man diese zwei Typen Probesegeln oder gerne auch chartern?

Na dann gebt euch mal Mühe, uns mit dem Dreibeinvierus zu infizieren. Zur Zeit segeln wir einen einrumpf in 38 fuß

Gruß vom Niederrhein

[We are interested in a DF920 or DF1000. Who can help us with information regarding behaviour in waves. We sail in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Is there a problem with the folding mechanism? When does one need to change the waterstays? Where can we have a trial sail or charter these boats? Please make an effort to infect as with the trimaran virus! Regards from the Lower Rhine.]

More to (Racing/Regatta) Handicap for Dragonflys
[from: Darryl Brathwaite, Caribbean, 14 Aug 2003]


We are not entitled to race in the monohull class so we have to get them to trust and accept us. Start at the bottom of the fleet with a punitive PHRF and work our way up to about the middle. They may accept us placing occasionally if we have come last many times initially and eventually average around the middle of the corrected results. Winning can result in impassioned protest and our being disqualified from further racing. Perfect conditions for us (strong wind, flat water, planing to windward, one reaching leg) should result in no higher than second place.

Handicapping against monohulls is very condition related (seastate/wind). Most small fleets do not assign different handicaps for heavy air vs. light air so our corrected results positions will improve with wind speed, and we can even be competitive, despite the punitive handicap, in strong winds or gusty conditions. Ask to be placed in the sprit boat class or A-fleet category as their performance is more similar to a multi than to an ‘old’ mono. Sport boats too were initially not well received by the displacement boats, and this has eased the way for us.

Stay out of their way during the race as they are really racing each other and we are effectively non-participants. In addition there are safety considerations as at close quarters (start-line, mark rounding, bow crossings) the boat handling is quite different and we do not want contact with a boat which has 5 times our displacement. Do not pass them to windward as taking their wind aggravates them and they can luff us down to their speed or ‘irons’. Better to blast through their wind shadow to leeward.

So in the interest of getting along with the monos we find it more satisfying to compromise and be included, instead of constantly bickering about handicaps. For us it’s a matter of sailing competitively, which makes us sail better. We don’t care about the trophies. It’s challenging to work our way through the fleet, we usually take line honors, we try not to piss off anyone, try not to act smug at the after race celebration and so far have received mainly positive comments.

I´m planing to buy a Dragonfly 25
[from: Niclas Fröjel, Sweden, 4 Aug 2003]

I´m looking for interior pictures and layout plan of the Dragonfly 25!

Could someone help me with this?
How much should you pay for a Dragonfly 25?

Thank you Gerry and Keld for sending a contribution
[from: USER FORUM, 19 Jul 2003]
Thank you Gerry Weston-White and Keld Krogh Nielsen for sending a contribution towards the running of the Dragonfly User Forum, after having sold their Dragonflys through adverts on this User Forum. It was much appreciated!

How to sail the Dragonfly DRY! (Paul Elvström’s tip)
[from: Dr Bjørn, Denmark, 7 Jun 2003]
To keep your Dragonfly cockpit almost dry, sailing any curse, using a forward trampolin as suggested by Paul Elvstöm.
The forward Trampolin was very successful on my 800 and is no less so on my DF1000.
Please click on the photo to see it enlarged!

Has anyone been assigned a handicap for the Dragonflys
[from: Donald Macdonald, Caribbean, 3 Jun 2003]

Has anyone been assigned a handicap for the Dragonfly, particularly 1000. Lots of guys want to race but none of the suggested handicaps seem to be fair, and would like to try an even the field for more racing with others. Lots of 24 and 30 foot reace monohuls here in Grand Cayman.

Thanks, DONALD

August Richter please give as a clear webcam view
[from: Steve Bondelid, USA, 12 May 2003]

August and Dana, I love to look at your boat on your live webcam from time to time, but would you please do us all a favor and trim that one palm branch so we can actually SEE the boat?

Thanks, Steve. [August and Dana Richter’s webcam: http://video.augustrichter.com/]

Cote d’Azur: Dragonfly Racers wanted
[from: Dave Thomas, France, 12 May 2003]

Please could you advise me of the name and email address of any owners of DragonFly trimarans that are located in the area of Cannes/ Antibes/Nice that are interested in racing their great boats. We currently have a small team of enthusiastic trimaran racers operating out of Antibes (mainly Farriers). We would dearly like to increase the number of trimarans racing on a regular bases. Those interested can contact me for further details.

Dave Thomas, F25C # 29

Wanting to rent DF920 or bigger
[from: Erik Danielsson, Sweden, 25 Apr 2003]

I’m living in southern Sweden, and I’m interseted to rent a 920 or bigger for one week. I’m planning to get a trimaran later, if the experience with the Dragonfly is good. I am an experienced sailor and have a skipper licence.

Erik Danielson MD

Why not a Dragonfly 600 section ?!?
[from: Matthew Bowdon, USA, 13 Apr 2003]
Ok, I know that the DF600 is not made anymore, but im shure thoes ten people who own them would love a space on the forum too. I dont own one, but I would love to in the future, this forum would be a great way to find owners, and would help alot in finding one. The little boat of the family needs a place too. Just my opinion. Thanks
-any other information on the df600, such as owner locations, prices, or pictures would be great.
[Well, it’s really a matter of time and effort. I already spend a great deal of time in maintaining this User Forum and find it difficult to justify further efforts for the DF600. As you said, they don’t make them anymore. However, there is a section on the FOR SALE/WANTED page. But maybe I find some time in the future. Bo]

Please more details of the Richter’s boat lift for the DF120
[from: Stephen Bondelid, USA, 31 Mar 2003]

There has to be a story for all of us regarding the installation of that boat lift for August and Dana Richter’s beautiful DF 1200. I am sure I am not alone in wishing to hear the details of the equipment brands, permitting, expenses , etc. August and Dana, please share it with us.

Thanks in advance.

Report from the Dragonfly User Meeting in Germany/Denmark
[from: Wolfgang Sorg, Germany, 24 Mar 2003]

Das jährliche Treffen der Eigner und Freunde der DRAGONFLIES aus Mitteleuropa und Skandinavien erfreut sich zunehmender Beliebtheit. Organisiert von Multihull Deutschland e. V. trafen sich über 60 Teilnehmer vom 14.-16 März in Flensburg an der deutsch-dänischen Grenze zum Austausch von Erfahrungen und Informationen.

Die neuen, großzügigen Produktionsanlagen von ELVSTRÖM/SOBSTAD in Roderkroe wurden besichtigt und die Entstehung eines Segels vom Design am Computer über das Zuschneiden, Kleben und Nähen bis zum fertigen Groß für den 920- er demonstriert. Obwohl sich ELVSTRÖM/SOBSTAD in einer heftigen Expansionsphase befindet, nahmen sich die Mitarbeiter die Zeit, alle Fragen und Probleme im Detail zu erklären.

Anschließend herzliche Begrüßung und Lunch bei Familie Quorning in Skaerbaek.

Die neue 920 Extreme konnte in drei verschieden Fertigungsstufen untersucht werden und Jens erklärte geduldig jedes Detail dieses faszinierenden Trimarans.

Während die 12 Meter Version nach wie vor Staunen und Begeisterung hervorruft ist das Interesse an der 800-er und die Nachfrage nach einer leicht trailierbaren Weiterentwicklung ungebrochen.

Der Abend gehörte dann den Bildern und Geschichten wobei insbesondere Vater und Sohn Kämpfe mit F 28 aus Carbon und Titan ( ex Mr. Orbiter) begeisterten.

Please click on the photo to see it enlarged!

Want to participate in the Njord-sejladsen Race in Denmark ?
[from: Kenny Poulsen, Denmark, 24 Mar 2003]

Every year I organize a race for multihulls and keelboats in the surroundings of Juelsminde in Denmark. The race is called “Njord-sejladsen”.

Call if you are interested: If there are Dragonfly owners who are interested in a 2 or 3 days race in Juelsminde/Denmark I would be glad to arrange a race event on the 13-14-15 of June 2003 (or just 14-15/6) which includes the Njord-sejlads.

The Dragonfly race should include olympic triangles or similar and one longer race of 37 nm (Njord).

If anyone is interested, please inform me as soon as possible so that I will be able to setup the event.

An update for the non-skid – with reference to my prior article
[from: Larry Furst, USA, 9 Mar 2003]

I found white 3M non-skid tape at Defender Industries (www.defender.com). It comes in 1 inch and 4 inch widths, and it looks much nicer than the black sandpaper stair tread tape from hardware stores…less likely to scrape skin too. The 60 foot roll of 1-inch is Defender part #753030 and it’s $35 (USD).

I just got mine – I’m going to replace the sandpaper tape on my aluminum net tracks, and add the white tape to the top aft-edge of my beams (and cover those slippery rounded bolt heads too).

Copy of Windows XP wanted
[from: Bo Wetzel, France/UK, 24 Feb 2003]
I’m fed up with Windows ME crushing daily my laptop! Can anybody send me a copy of Windows XP (English language version) for me to try if MS has fixed some of the problems. I’m dammed, if I give Bill another dime for a product which doesn’t work. Imagine, your Dragonfly would fill up with water everytime you go sailing or your car stalled every day. Thanks God, MS has not built my car nor my boat! Please contact me urgently if you can help!

Classic Malts Cruise – Scotland 2003
[from: Bo Wetzel, France/UK, 24 Feb 2003]
Anybody interested in taking part? I would be delighted if somebody could offer me a place on his/her boat.
Details of the cruise under: www.worldcruising.com/classicmaltscruise

If you use a Netscape Browser than use version 7!
[from: Bo Wetzel, 15 Jan 2003]

I regularly check the pages of this website with Netscape and MS IE browsers. In the past Netscape browser were always the least compatible with standard HTML code and produced often disapointing results.

This has changes a bit with version 7. You now get (nearly) as good results as with the Internet Explorer 5.0 or later from Microsoft.

So, if you want to see this Forum in the way it was intended to be seen, stop using these old 4.xx versions of the Netscape browser und download the new version 7 from www.netscape.com and you will get a better view of the internet world!

P.S. I’ve found, that there are still plenty of bugs in Netscape 7 but it is getting better and it is certainly much better than 4.xx and 6!

An excellent source for trimaran information can be found at
[from: Tony van Wouw, Canada, 6 Jan 2003]

An excellent source for trimaran information can be found at http://www.gantron.com/f-bits/f-bits.htm

Although it is Farrier/Corsair related, the author has made much of the information general in nature.

I discovered the site while looking for tide software (see links) and while musing about replacing the backstays with Vectran (see synthetic rigging)

All in all a site worht visiting and exploring

Frohe Weihnachten – Merry Xmas – Joyeux Noel
[from: Arne Reher Yacht and Transport Service, Germany, 23 Dec 2002]

Ich möchte mich bei unseren Kunden und ihren Familien für das mir entgegengebrachte Vertrauen und die netten Kontakte, welche daraus entstanden sind, bedanken und wünsche Euch allen ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und für das neue Jahr viel Gesundheit, Glück und natürlich immer eine Handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel (Rumpf).

Vielen Dank auch dem Vater und Initiator dieses Forums, Bo Wetzel, der mit seiner Fähigkeit und seinem selbstlosen Engagement dafür gesorgt hat ( und dies tut er ja noch immer), daß die “Dragonfly-Familie” zusehens größer wird. Dankeschön!

Liebe Grüße. Arne mit Familie

[I would like to thank all our customers and their families for trust they have shown us and the nice contacts which have grown from that and wish you all a merry Xmas and all the best for the new year.
I would also like to thank the father and initiator of this forum, Bo Wetzel for his engagement and tireless work to enlarge the “Dragonfly-Family”, Thank You!]

Anti-slip on aluminium track
[from: Larry Furst, USA, 19 Dec 2002]

The aluminum track along the cabin (that holds the nets) on the DF-920 can be very slippery when wet. At the suggestion of Dragonfly USA, I placed an adhesive-backed sandpaper tape strip on this track, and it has improved safety. It is also a good idea to place this on the top of the raised-dome bolt heads on top of the forward beams (inboard end) as those can also be slippery.

These tape strips are sold for outdoor step treads and are available from home-improvement centers and hardware stores. I use the 1-inch width (2.54cm). Mine have been in use for two years and the adhesive is holding well.

Regards, Larry Furst, DF-920 1st Tri

Further to Rust Stain Removal
[from: Jeremy Gilbert, UK, 3 Dec 2002]

Several readers have mentioned cleaners for removing rust stains from hulls etc.

Nature has provided us with a very good cleaner but not in the concentrations one normally buys it in. Try OXALIC ACID. It brings the hulls back to a gleaming white

Several obvious precautions need to be taken. Here is an extract from one site.

“Oxalic acid occurs naturally in quite a large number of plants. The human body also synthesizes oxalic acid from ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Oxalic acid may combine with calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, or potassium to form less soluble salts known as oxalates. Oxalates also occur naturally in plants.

Oxalic acid is a strong acid, and is irritating to tissue all by itself. Extremely high doses are fatal. Oxalates, on the other hand, form tiny little insoluble crystals with sharp edges, which are also irritating to tissue.

Plant foods with high concentrations of oxalic acid (over 200 ppm) include (but are not limited to): lamb’s-quarter, buckwheat, star fruit, black pepper, purslane, poppy seeds, rhubarb, tea, spinach, plantains, cocoa and chocolate, ginger, almonds, cashews, garden sorrel, mustard greens, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, soybeans, tomatillos, beets and beet greens, oats, pumpkin, cabbage, green beans, mango, eggplant, tomatoes, lentils, and parsnips.

Seriously though, the commercial grade you buy from the chemist/pharmacist does work.

Sonnensegel über den Trampolinen und dem Cockpit
[from: Sepp Lerchenmüller, Austria, 30 Nov 2002]
Gibt es bewährte Lösungen für Sonnensegel über den Trampolinen und dem Cockpit, die einfach und schnell zu montieren und zu stauen sind?
[Does anybody know of a easy to rig and quick to stow solution for a sunsail for the cocpit and the trampolines?]

Mein grosser Wunsch / my great wish
[from: Norbert Bruemmer, Germany, 26 Nov 2002]

bitte INFO auf welchem DRAGONFLY ich meinen Freunden bei 1/2 Tagestoern die Faszination des Tri-Fahrens (gegen Entgeld & m i t dem Eigner zusammen) zeigen kann…
Ev kann auch als Gegenleistung Fahrt auf TRIMARE46 (30 Jahre altem DK TRI von Toni Hansen) geboten werden.

Bitte INFO an Dr.Wolfgang Marin e-mail: WMARIN@t-online.de

Danke mfg von Norbert Bruemmer, HAMBURG/WEDEL/ROSTOCK

[Please let me know on which Dragonfly I can show my friends the fascination of trimarane sailing (for money and with the owner as skipper on a 1/2 day trip). A trip with the TRIMARANE46 (a 30 year old DK tri by Toni Hansen) could be offered in return.
Please reply to Dr.Wolfgang Marin e-mail: WMARIN@t-online.de]

Sailing a DF to the Bahamas
[from: Ron Weber, USA, 26 Nov 2002]
In response to a question from Brad Howard about the smallest acceptable size Dragonfly to sail to the islands. Brad I have a DF25, and plan to be sailing the Gulf, Keys, and the Bahamas in a few years. I have not completed the voyage yet, but from my research, it is a one day sail to West End Grand Bahama from the East coast of Florida. The trick is to get an acceptable weather window, and avoid a North Easter, as that makes the Gulf Stream real bumpy. If you wish to discuss further details, feel free to contact me directly at my email.
Fair Winds – Ron

Wanting to buy 2003 multihull calendar
[from: Alexander von Lindeiner, Germany, 12 Nov 2002]

Ich suche einen Kalender mit Photos der großen Renn-Trimarane und Katarane für das Jahr 2003.

Meine Recherchen bei den deutschen Verlagen war leider ergebnislos. Vielleicht haben die französischen oder belgischen Leser dieses Forums hier einen Titel/Verlag/Adresse um einen neuen Multihull-Kalender zu erwerben.

Merci, Thank’s, Danke!

[I’m looking for a 2003 calendar with photos of large racing trimarams and catamarans. Unfortunately I could not find anything in Germany. The French or Belgium readers of this forum might know of one.]

Wanting advice on buying a DF800 or DF920
[from: Jörg Meyer-Abich, Germany, 12 Nov 2003]
I’ve been sailing for some years, but now I want to buy a trimaran. Please could you help me to come to a decision whether to buy a DF800 or a DF920. I’m interested in second hand boats for sale.
Thank you.
[Bo’s Reply: Its a matter of: a) Size, b) CE Category, c) Money
The 920 is a bigger boat with more comfortable and spacious accommodation. It is also in CE category B, whereas the 800 is in D. That means you can sail further out to sea with the 920. And naturally there is a price to be paid for this. The 920 cost more than the 800. Also there are fewer 2nd hand boats available at the moment. So if you just want to do a bit of day sailing near the coast or in sheltered waters and you don’t want to sleep with a family on the boat the 800 is fine. If you want more go for the 920. I think there is not much difference with regards to speed and sailing fun between the two]

Please upload more photos of your boats!
[from: Tore Johannesen, Denmark, 25 Oct 2002]
I am now sailing a monohull (se www.rj85.dk ), but when I grow up 🙂 I will have a dragonfly, but what I miss at these pages are more sailing-stories (I don’t know what you did last summer) and more photos.
It could make the pages a bit more interesting, but thanks anyway

Answer to Lennart Sterner, ST2000 Autopilot
[from: Ernst Fellner, Germany, 7 Oct 2002]

On my DF920 I have installed a ST4000+ Tiller-Pilot.

My settings are: Rudder Gain 5, Response 2, Rudder Damping is 1, (I think it is not used with a tiller pilot, only if you have a rudder reference unit, see handbook).
Turn Rate is 40 degr. (I dont know if the ST2000 has this feature). With these settings the Autopilot works very well, especially with the wind instrument and the Vane/WindTrim Mode with the Raytheon wind instrument via Sea Talk Bus.

ST2000 Autopilot setting for rudder gain/damping
[from: Lennart Sterner, Sweden, 18 Sep 2002]

On my Dragonfly I have installed Raytheon instrument systems including ST2000 tiller pilot. I have tried to find suitable settings for “rudder gain” and “rudder damping”, but I am not sutiesfied with the results. May be it is necessarily to change the settings according to different wind conditions.

My settings is for rudder gain “4” and for rudder damping “2”.

Has anybody tried to test these settings and has other better values?

Rust Stain Removal
[from: John Harvey, UK, 14 Sep 2002, info@osmar.co.uk]

Bo e-mailed to let me know that this forum was discussing the removal of rust stains. Practical Boat Owner September 2002 page 152 revues Magica which is perfect for keeping grp and even sails clear of rust stains. It sells for £7.95 (13 Euros) plus post and packing for an 8 ounce bottle of either gel or liquid.

If you would like some please e-mail me and I can take your order with a credit card number.

Rust Remover for Rust Staines from S/S fittings
[from: Bo Wetzel, France, 27 Aug 2002]

I’ve just read in the PBO (UK) that there is a gel to remove these easily it’s called:

MAGICA Rust Stain Remover and comes from the USA. Info under www.magica-uk.co.uk

Info on Corrosion (Rust Staines etc)
[from: Stephen Bondelid, USA, 26 Aug 2002]


This site has excellent coverage of various types of corrosion and their causes.

Rust staines from stainless steel fittings
[from: Bob Schultz, USA, 25 Aug 2002]

I purchased my 920 (#52) new in May, 2000. Most of the stainless steel fittings and hardware are leaving rust stains wherever they come in contact with the hull and deck. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do you fight it? I don’t feel like passivating every snap shackle and everything else on the boat. I want to sail.

This site is excellent. Thank you,

Bo Wetzel: I avoid most of it by washing the boat down with fresh water after sailing and placing shackels etc where they don’t touch the gelcoat.

For avoiding rust stains around and under fittings I found Lanolin – (wool fat), the water and acid free type, best. You can buy it in pharmacies and you’ll need only very small quantities. Remove the fitting, clean rust staines away and coat the surface of the fitting, which is in contact with the gelcoat, thinly with the Lanolin. I’ve done a test more than two years ago by doing this on one side of the boat but not the other. Around the treated fittngs it’s still stain free!

Staines around bolts will not happen on new boats, as Quorning now uses special surface treated bolts.

From Florida to the Bahamas in which Dragonfly?
[from: Brad Howard, USA, 7 Aug 2002]
Great site. I am so glad to find it. I am new to crusing.
I am looking for a trimaran that can cruse to the Bahamas from Florida. What is the smallest Dragonfly this should be attempted in?

The Solution to the Wallas diesel cooker problem?
[from: Jean Letoublon, France, 25 July 2002]

le réchaud Wallas marche enfin.

J’ai d’abord vérifier l’arrivée du fuel, j’ai vérifié toutes les connections électriques, j’ai enfin compris la procédure pour l’utilisation de ce réchaud, où du moins j’arrive à le faire marcher selon la procédure qui suit:

1° je pousse le bouton sur ON, une petite lumière jaune sur le bouton s’allume

2° je mets le bouton d’intensité au 3/4, pendant le préchauffage,

3° dès que le réchaud s’enclenche je mets le bouton à fond,

4° au bout d’un moment le bouton rouge se mets à glignoter, si on ne fait rien tout se passe bien

Mais si on pense que le réchaud ne marche plus et que l’on touche au bouton ON tout est fini, l’appareil stop.
Il faut attendre que le réchaud soit froid (c’est à dire lorsque la lumière rouge ne clignote plus) pour le remettre en route.
Quand l’appareil marche il chauffe très vite.

En fait j’ai mis un an pour le faire marcher. Je vais encore essayer ce week-end, car après on part un mois, et j’aime bien manger.

[Finally the Walls diesel cooker works. First I checked that the fuel arrives, I checked all electrical connections, and finally I came up with the following procedure to make it work:

1) I press the ON button, a little yellow light comes on in the switch

2) I set the heat dial to 3/4 during the pre-heating period

3) When the pre-heating start (finishes?) I turn up the heat to full

4) At the end, after switching off, when the little red light starts flashing I do nothing till it stops.

One must wait till the light stops flashing i.e. the cooker is cold before attempting to start the cooker again.

When the cooker works it heats very fast. I will try it again this week-end because I’m going on a sail for a month and I like to eat well!]

P.S. Sadly it worked only for one week-end! Jean has now replaced the Wallas with a gas cooker! As he said, he likes eating! He is currently participating on the ROUTE DU JASMIN from 3 – 18 Aug 2002 (see News/Events).

Wanting to charter a Dragonfly in Germany or Denmark
[from: Jan Eichman, Germany, 25 July 2002]
I´m looking to charter a Dragonfly in Germany or Danmark.

Thank you Robin! And other sellers please take note
[from: Bo Wetzel, France, 15 July 2002]
I would like to express my gratitude to Robin Geier for sending some money for the upkeep of the Dragonfly User Forum after having sold his DF1000 through this forum.
Thank you Robin! It would be nice if others would follow this example when selling through this forum. After all it cost money (and a lot of time) to keep this forum going – which is well visted (over 1000 visits each month now).

WANTING to Rent: DF800, 920 or 1000
[from: Ulrich Begemann, Germany, 11 July 2002]
I am looking for the opportunity to rent a Dragonfly size 800 up to 1000 in Europe preferably but not neccessarely on the lake Constanz or Zuyder Zee (Holland). Who can forward information to me about companies or private owners who rent out these nice trimarans.

Where to put your dinghy
[from: Ernst Fellner, Germany, 26 May 2002]

Further to Bill Frazers’s question about the dingy.

We load the inflated “Rubber-Boat” without Engine always on the Trampolin. This is quite easy. In harbour with folded beams the dingy has to swim behind (please excuse my english). Because our DF920 has an inboard engine the 4HP outboard engine for the dingy is, when sailing, screwed to the normal outboard-fitting at the stern. I think two Outboard-engines are hard to handle at the DF920, and I think pulling the dingy is better than transporting two engines or to hang the small engine to the “Heck-Korb” [pushpit, ed] (I don’t know the english word for that.)

HELP needed with Wallas Peroleum cooker
[from: Francis Muret, France, 21 May 2002

Some troubles with petroleum Wallas stove D95.

French retailer has changed some parts (pump, starting spark protection, …)but hasn’t succeed to repair it since 9 months ! The factory in Finland doesn’t answer my email.

The facts: the stove turns on normally, and after 5 minuts, begins to heat with the red light on. But 3 mns later, it turns off alone with the red light blinking.
I’ve tried 10 times, even with a another little tank very near. Same problem. It seems to be programmed at 3 mns !

I’m very hurry now, as I intend to sail to Galicia next month. Can anyone help me ? Thanks.

[Please reply to the User Forum, so everybody can benefit from your answers!]
Steve Bondelid suggests: Make sure you have a free breathing exhaust pipe. If there is a kink,
big dent, or other obstruction (inside the pipe) it might be shutting down due to the resulting overheat condition.

Dragonfly for Charter ?
[from: Michael Martin, Germany, 28 March 2002]
Hi everybody,
I just found this great forum and can’t hold myself to ask you some questions,
Is there anywhere in Europe a Dragonfly Tri (>= 920) to charter?.
I’m a charter skipper in the mediteranean only so far and sailed a foldable Tri (F27) three times.
Next question is a bit of a dream, would it be possible to cross the Atlantic (ARC) with a Dragonfly, has it been done before, and if yes, what model would be recommened?
Thanks for your answers

[from: Bernt Biberg, Norway, 27 Jan 2002]
We are setting up a mailist of /for Tridentsailors. (The Trident was the nonfolding trimaran bulit by Quorning before they launched the Swing-wing models) Please feel free to contact me, and I will connect you!
Many of us Trident-sailors are would-be Dragonfly sailors; if only we had the extra money! Have fun; both Dragonflys and Tridents!

Any Dragonfly Trimarans in New Zealand?
[from: Bo Wetzel, France/UK, 9 Jan 2001]
I’m going to New Zealand in February and would like to meet Dragonfly owners in New Zeland. If anybody knows of anybody please contact me.

No Information on Dragonfly 1200?
[from: Markus Vigl, Italy, 7 Nov 2001]
Warum zeigen Sie keine Risse und keine Preise an !?
[Why are there now drawings and prices for the 1200 on the User Forum asked Markus Vigl.
ANSWER: Because it take a lot of time and effort to do this and I need some originals to work from. Also I’m a bit reluctant to do more advertising for Dragonfly (the 920 page was an example to show what can be done) as none of the dealers (most have not even responded after two e-mails!) nor Qourning have sent any sponsoring commitment for this User Forum. So, please ring your dealer and/or Quorning to demand support for this User Forum!]

Used (2nd Hand) Dragonflys:
Price difference for used Dragonfly/Corsair?
[from: Thomas Rheuble, USA, 10 Mar 2003]
How does the price of a used Dragonfly compare to the price of of a used Corsair? Where is there a dealership in Florida? Thank You Thomas.

Used Dragonflys
[from: Derek Easter, UK, 23 Dec 2001]
Bill Fraser asks if older models show sign of wear and if there has been any changes. My 920 was launched 1997. First as demo boat and then with me for 3 years. There is no sign of wear anywhere. Little change with new boats. Pulpit has been extended slightly. Bilge pumps added to meet new EEC standards and the petrol tank has been re-locasted. This is my second dragonfly the first being an 800. It is very difficult to fault these boats. I only keep boats for three years so will be selling this one and buying – yes another Dragonfly 920 when I can find a newer model at a reasonable price.

Used Dragonflys (see Bill Frasers letter below)
[from: Bo Wetzel, FR/UK, 26 Nov 2001]
2 years ago I bought a second-hand 920 (no 14). I have had no problems (and no regrets!) other than normal wear and tear. Not problems with the ama/aka/hull joints! But a point to note is, that the high-tech Kevlar/Carbon sails don’t last as long as “normal” sails!

Used Dragonfly 920s
[from: Bill Fraser, UK, 20 Nov 2001]
I am thinking of buying a used 920; does anyone have any reservations about used boats – any points to look for? For example, can one be confident that the ama/aka joints are trouble-free? Are there any improvements that have been incorporated in more recent models?
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User Forum:
New ‘Sponsor’ for Dragonfly User Forum. Catherine has a boutique for all things Provençal in Flayosc, Provence and now has also an Online Internet Shop, where one can buy a selection of her goods by mail order. So please folks, have a look at her web site Provence Online Shopping.
Re: Why don’t you install a forum software on this site
[from: Walter Siebold, USA, 20 Oct 2006]
I tried to reply to the question about the forum format but was not able to do it. Is there a way to reply, I see that the previous responses had a Re:
[Yes, do a ‘copy and past’ of the headline into the Send Message form (saves you re-typing it) and add a ‘Re:’ in front of it. Bo]

I like the layout of this forum. The way the topics are archived are very useful. However, it is a bit frustrating that there are lots of questions and no answers. I think it would help if the responses were stored in a thread type format. I am always checking the files for ideas or for help.

I wished that there would be more interaction in this forum. I have been in this forum almost two years and noticed that most of the questions go unanswered, this looses interest.

Making it more interactive is problematic too and I agree with Bo. I participate in some beach catamaran forums and sometimes in the discussions there are strong arguments and I have seen broken friendships; a moderator can prevent this. This website is open to everybody and therefore it needs a moderator. I would agree to an interactive forum, but for members by invitaion only, but this would make the website/forum very small (no Corsair of Monohull owners allowed). This forum should be open to everybody.

Now there are more responses to the topic of how the forum should be conducted. My question, should this thread be kept in the archive? I came accross a Corsair Manual where each member wrote their tips, know-how, experiences, etc. on all type of topics such as how to stop leaks in the amas, lenghts of halyards, etc. The manual is about 150 pages thick. If you want a copy let me know. Anyway, the format is similar to ours.

By the way, my boat is in Houston Texas (DF800SW No.194) but I am working in Bulgaria for a few weeks, is there a DF sailor arround here that can take me sailing before winter sets in?

Bo, thank for a great website. Go Dragonflys!

Re: Why don’t you install a forum software on this site
[from: Nille, Sweden, 20 Oct 2006]

Well, I can’t do it because I don’t know how! If I could I’d be happy to help you out.

If you are intimidated by my remarks I am sorry. That was not my intention. I just wanted to share my thoughts on how to improve the forum and increase its traffic. I don’t think anyone would benefit if there where different “competing” forums. If that’s the alternative then I think it’s better to keep the forum the way it is.

Re: Why don’t you install a forum software on this site
[from: JP, Switzerland, 17 Oct 2006]
Forum vote: adding an answer link at each question would be an inprovement. And why not an automatic display? Your life would be simpler? On the other side there is no small talk, all messages are well referenced and always usefull, keep it up in any case, thanks again

Re: Why don’t you install a forum software on this site
[from: Nille, Sweden, 15 Oct 2006]

I have to agree with this two year old message.

I think it is about time that this forum was updated to work in a way that most people who are active in interest group forums are accustomed to.

If you look through the forum you will notice that a large number of even the simplest questions and queries remain unanswered and the general activity is far below any comparable forum on the web.

I know several dragonfly owners who refrain from submitting to this forum just because they disagree with the slow and unresponsive nature of the forum.

Today there are more dragonfly boats being manufactured than ever which means more and more owners will be looking for help and subsequently more and more potential buyers of used boats will be looking for information on the characteristics of these yachts.

The forum is in itself a great initiative so since the ambition is there, and the collective knowledge, why not add the technology and update this forum to turn it into all it could be.

[Reply from Bo: I could simply reply to you ‘why don’t YOU?’ but I prefere to tell you, I consider my arguments from 2 years ago still valid.
What do you mean by ‘…slow and unresponsive nature of the forum’? OK, sometimes there is a small delay after sending your message and it appearing on the forum. Ok, I admit it, I take a few holidays a year but if possible, I take my laptop with me to keep things running. Your last message you’ve sent, appeared the next day (and so has this one and many of the others). Do you really think it makes a difference if it is not instantaneously?
I don’t think other ‘comparable forums’ are more lively. look for example at the Windrider forum (with a similar number of boat owners) there is no more activity despite it being an ‘automated’ forum (if you discount the administrator’s replies/contributions). However, I’ve found no ‘european’ contributions on the aforementioned forum. I do agree however, sadly, a number of questions remain unanswered on the DF forum. I’m not sure why an automated forum should change this, as it is the same effort to fill in a similar message form.

Of course the Dragonfly forum is a truly international forum and for this reason kept in the English language. A translation service is offered (by me) from French and German into English to enable French and German Dragonfly sailors, without sufficient confidence in writing English, to participate. I’ve not found this on any ‘automated’ forum. Sorry, I can’t do this for any other languages but maybe you could oblige for Swedish?

Thank you, for acknowledging my ‘ambition’ to create and run the Dragonfly User Forum for the last 5 years.

I offered a vote on this issue last time but did not received one single reply to this issue exept your’s now after 2 1/2 years. LET’S VOTE AGAIN. Regards Bo]

Why don’t you install a forum software on this site ?
[from: Michael Hucke, Germany, 2 Mar 2004]

dear bo,

why don’t you install a forum software on this site. i believe there would be much more life on this site if one were able to answer directly to a forum-thread.

this “static” approach on this site leaves itself far behind it’s potential.

you can easily achive much better results with a forum-subsystem like www.phpbb.com or use a combination of content management system including a forum like www.xoops.org. Michael

[Well Michael, call me conceited, if you like, but I prefer the style of this forum. I don’t know why you think a forum software makes for a livelier and more direct forum. What can be more direct then this forum? And for ‘better results’ I think it would be the opposite. One of the great (and time consuming) things of this forum is the ability to have illustrations and photos with the contributions. But feel free to take over the forum and do it your way. Maybe we should have a vote on it. Bo]

IMPORTANT Changes to Advertising on this Forum

[from: Bo Wetzel, 16 Feb 2004]

I have been running the Dragonfly User Forum now for 2 1/2 years and visitor numbers are now over 2000 per month.

Maybe you can imagine the work which goes into this forum when you look through the forum. The Sales/Wanted pages are also a lot of work and I never found a good way to administer the length of time adverts are displayed. If I deleted ads after 6 month, the advertiser asked me to run them again. More work for me; first deleting them and then putting them back in. Ergo I let them run longer with the result that people complained to me that the ads are out-of-date. You see, it was a ‘No Win’ situation!

After long thoughts and discussions I’ve come up with the following solution:

1) All ads run for 3 months (after that they will be deleted)

      Of course advertisers can cancel their ads before that.

2) All ads cost 50 Euros (US$75, £40) for these three months.

3) You can run you ad again (and pay again) after the 3 month if you wish.

4) The new system starts today and I’ve cleared out all old ads over 3 months!

5) Payment can be made by credit card (PayPal), bank transfer or cheque.

It’s wonderful to find a Dragonfly forum
[from: James Clayton, USA, 31 May 2002]
It’s wonderful to find a Dragonfly forum. I live in the US Virgin Islands and own a DF1000. Hope to use this forum for questions/problem solving/ as well as helping other new owners through their learning curve.

Plenty to learn from experienced Owners
[from: Michael Platt, UK, 25 Dec 2001]
I have only just discovered your forum which seems a great idea – particularly for someone like myself who is keen to become a first-time Dragonfly owner – there should be plenty to learn from more experienced owners!

List of Boats and Owners, List of Messages
[from: Francis Muret, France, 25 Dec 2001]
About this site: I agree with Armand to file the list of boats, owner and locations. It could be the first step to organise meetings?
Is it also possible to have a view with only the most recents messages ordered by date, independantly of the categorie ?
Thanks. Best Regards.
[It’s a good idea about the recent message list! More work but I’ve done it!, Bo]

List of Owners
[from: Derek Easter, UK, 25 Dec 2001]
Bo, I can fully apprediate the time you have spent on this to everyones advantage. I am surprised that there has never been a dragonfly association – this is probably even better. The suggestion made by Armand Van Den Broek that a list is produced af all dragonfly owners is a good idea and I would be quite happy to add my e mail adress and telephone number to such a list. It would be useful to get in touch if we cruise in another owners area.

Dear Bo, Thanks for having created this site ! It’s a great idea !
[from: Armand van den Broek, France, 20 Dec 2001]

I live in Paris. My 920 is based on an island in the west of France called l’Ile d’Yeu, not far from Nantes. I sailed two summers with this boat which I appreciate very much. It is fun, fast, beautiful.

I will be delighted to share my experience and to learn a lot from others.

If you come to Paris, I’d be very happy to have lunch with you. All the best, Armand.

PS/ It would be nice to have on the site the list of the boats, owners, email addresses, sailing location etc … so that people can easily get to
meet each other.

[How does anybody else feel about this last point ? Bo]

More Product Info and Prices!
[from: Albers Edzard, Germany, 15 Dec 2001]
Merci für das spannende Forum. Als geneigter Segler fragt man sich sowieso, warum überhaupt noch Monohulls gesegelt werden. Zum Forum noch ein Verbesserungsvorschlag: Für interessierte Käufer/innen wäre eine aktuelle Preisliste der Werft in Euro hilfreich (am besten natürlich mit einem Konfigurator für Extras ähnlich den Internetseiten der Autohersteller).
Euer Forum trägt auch zu einem grundsätzlichen Austausch über Detailverbesserungen an. Erhoffe mir davon zugleich eine Produktberatung über nützliches Zubehör.
Anm.: Fa. sail2fly, Hamburg, importiert aus den USA ein zweisitziges Trimaran-Segelgerät mit Hydrofoil-Technik (Windrider Rave). Möglicherweise wäre diese Innovation eine Anregung zur Entwicklung künftiger kleiner Kajüttrimarane der Quorning-Werft?
Allein um die Idee zu verbreiten, wäre vielleicht auch ein Link auf diese Seite angemessen.
Vielen Dank und weiter so!   Edzard

[Thank you for the interesting forum. One ask oneself as a passionate sailer why people still sail monhulls. Suggestion to the Forum: A pricelist in Euro would be good for prospective buyers (better even with a configurator similar to car web sites).
Your forum contributes also to an information exchange and improvements of details. I hope to obtain useful information about extras.

Also: sail2flay, Hamburg imports a 2-seater Trimaran with hydrofoils (Windrider Rave) from the USA. This might be a of interest to future small cabin trimarans from Quorning? Maybe you should have a link to this site, if only to publish the idea.

Thank you and continue the good work!   Edzar (Jens Quorning take note! Ed.)]

Dear Bo Wetzel, congratulations! What a good and helpfull idea. We wish success with this wepside!
[from: Harald Pohlmann, Germany, 10 Dec 2001]

Last August our 920 (74) was dilivered to Rosas (Costa Brava) by Arne Reher (what would we have done without him?)
We have done a lot over sailing.
As this is a boat for demonstration we have sailed it in Nobvember to the Barcelona boat show. Horrible wind up to force 10, rain, thunderstorm. Our two kids (2 and 5 years) liked it more than we did…

Good interest on the show. The spanish dealer is Mare Nostrum (info@marenostrum-catamarans.com).
If the wind is ok. we want to Sail to the Baleares over New Year. If you come to the Costa Brava see us at our vacation home. We have at our house enough dock for another boat.
Yours Harald Pohlmann and Family

Thanks for the website,but where were you in March?
[from: FRANS LOOTS, South Africa, 15 Nov 2001]
I bought a neglected 800 and I could realy have done with the help and input from other owners.
Anyway, my boat is sailing again. I am now an “expert in epoxy, aluminium welding, mast building, rudder building and rigging.
My homeport is St Francis Bay on the South African east coast. It is a small holiday town best known as the home of the “perfect wave”. It was here that movie maker Bruce Brown shot the perfect wave when making the 60’s surfing film “The Endless Summer”. My Dragonfly pulls of some good waves in that very same spot,but not for the faint harted.

This is great; a site for Dragonflysailors!
[from: Bernt Biberg, Norway, 3/11/2001]
I´m not quite there yet, the Dragonfly is still too expensive for me, but I just bought a TRIDENT 27/31, the forerunner of the Dragonfly!
How about a chapter for us TRIDENT sailors? Its really a very nice and fast boat,(but it doesn´t fold like the dragonfly) and it gives me a real feeling of being an outcast amongst monohullsailors(here in Norway 99,9%). so we need to support each other. Also these boats are getting old (around 20 years) with all the problems of coming of age…
The site needs PICTURES!!!!! (They allways help catching interest)
My best wishes for the future of this site!

Good idea and very nice site. Thanks to the creator.
[from: Francis Muret, France, 27/10/2001]
I suppose he’s always able to translate from French ![Yes,ed]
It’s really a good way to exchange some experiences. Sometimes we feel alone with little troubles.
Owner of the D920 n°34 for 1 year, I did 1400 miles sailing in the Med with her. If I’d known Bo, I’d have stopped in the Riviera! Now, “Atlantide is in Golf of Biscaye near Spain where I live.
Mail me if you need information about this area. (Bay of Biscaye, near Spain)

Ja, zum Zähler, Yes to the vissible counter
[from: Arne Reher, Germany, 23/10/2001]
. . . sagt Arne (und noch jemand?, ed) und er will auch die Übersetzung für “Wer ist Bo”.
[. . . says Arne (anybody else?, ed) and he wants also a translation of “who is Bo (I’ve done it (ed)]

Who created this User Forum?
[from: Heinz Unglert, Germany, 18/10/2001]

Hallo, es wäre schön, etwas über den Urheber dieser Seite zu erfahren. Ich selbst habe einen DF 800 sw Racing am Bodensee/Friedrichshafen.

Gruß, Heinz Unglert

[Hello, it would be nice to learn something about the creator of this site. I myself have a DF800 Racing on lake Constanz/Friedrichshafen]

[from: Bo Wetzel, France & UK, 18/10/2001]

I have a 920 (14) on the Cote d’Azur and like to spend a lot of my spare time sailing -and not pondering about boating problems!

Sometime ago, after discussing this matter with other Dragonfly owners I talked to Jens Quorning about creating a web site for him, because we felt everybody would benefit from a Dragonfly web site with lots of usefull information etc. However, Jens Qourning didn’t seem to want to go ahead with my suggestion of a commercial site for Quorning Boats (I ceated the beginning of a site for him but maybe he didn’t like it too much – I don’t know). That is the reason why I’ve now started this User Forum to give all Dragonfly sailers worldwide a chance to communicate with each other.

I’ve been a professional software developer for years in the UK and have now started to do a bit of Internet work. Other commercial (no-nonsens) sites which I’ve done are Sunshine-Properties-France.com and as well Assurance-Yachtlink.com.

I hope this User Forum can be financed via contributions by the commercial organisations mentionend on the Link/Contact Page. The fist company (Arne Reher Yachtservice) agreed to participate.

P.S. This site is hosted on a commercial hosting company in the USA and needs to be paid for annually plus the annual cost of the name registration etc.

P.P.S. There have been over 50 visitors to this site since yesterday! Shall I make the counter visible?

[Ich musste: Ich habe eine 920 an der Cote d’Azur und mag lieber Segeln als über Boots-Probleme nachzudenken. Vor einiger Zeit, nachdem ich das mit anderen besoprochen hatte, habe ich mit Jens Quorning darüber gesprochen eine Dragonfly Web Seite, mit vielen nützlichen Informationen, zu machen.

Warum weiss ich auch nicht genau, aber Jens hat auf meine praktischen Vorschläge (und Probeseiten) nicht reagiert. Und darum dies jetzt. Ich selber habe 20 Jahre lang als Software-Entwickler in der UK gearbeited und habe nun auch mit ein bisschen Internet-Arbeit angefangen. Habe ein paar kommerzielle Seiten (ohne Schnick-Schnak) gezimmert (sieh oben).

P.S. Diese Web Seite ist bei einer Hosting Firma in der USA und ich hoffe das Geld für all dies kommt von Jährlichen Beiträgen von den Geschäfts-adressen auf der Link/Contakt Seite. Der erste der zugesagt ist Arne Reher Yachtservice.

P.P.S. Wir hatten schon 259 Besucher seit es die Seite gibt (6 Tage jetzt, 23/10/01). ]

What a splendid User Forum [from:Joe Blocks, 15/10/2001, USA]
May I take this opportunity to congatulate all those, who have been involved in creating this splendid User Forum. It was long overdue and I hope it will deliver what it promises. I do realize of course that its success depends on all those message coming in. So, all you guys (and girls of course!) out there, send in your messages!

What a marvellous idea – this User Forum [from: Robin Geier, 16/10/2001, D]
I can only agree with Joe Blocks (15/10/2001)and shout; BRAVO!
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Fit the Mainsail to the Mast
[from: Robin Geier, 1000-29, Germany]
Erst Segel anschlagen, dann im zweiten Durchgang die Latten von unten nach oben in die Lattentaschen einführen. Alternative: an Land die Latten einziehen, das Segel aufrollen und aufs Boot tragen.
[First fit the sail to the mast and then insert the battens, from bottom to top. Alternatively insert the battens on land and roll up the sail, and carry it to boat. ]

Bolts on Battencars up-side down
[from: Arne Reher, Germany, 23/10/2001]
Zum Thema “Segelanschlagen beim 920er (und beim 1000er, ed) möchte ich darauf hinweisen, dass die Gewindebolzen von unten in die Mastrutscher und die 8mm-Muttern demzufolge von oben angeschraubt werden mussen. So sieht es der Hersteller vor und nur so können Spannungen im Bereich der Anschlagepunkte vermieden werden. Vom Gefühl her ist man leicht geneigt, dies genau andersrum zu machen.
[Insert the bolt from underneath into the batten-cars with the heads down and the nuts on the top. Recommended by the manufacturer to avoid tensions at the connecting points. It goes against ones feeling but it’s correct!]
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